Why Does Engineers Australia Ask Original Project Report?

Engineers Australia verifies the original projects while CDR assessment and skills that the candidate claimed in his CDR. In case if they are not satisfied with your academic project or job-related experiences, which you have mentioned in your CDR Report, they will review the credibility’s that the candidates claim.

  • In the case of plagiarism– Suppose if the EA has found a little bit of plagiarism in your CDR Project report. They will ask you to explain why this happened. In such cases, you can state that may be your CDR Project report is exposed to a public platform or someone may hack your computer or storage device.
  • In case of Academic Qualification– EA will ask you for the Original project that you have quoted from in your CDR Report with the official signature of the professor of your department issued under your college or university seal.
  • In the case of Job-related experience– EA will ask you for the resubmission of your entire past job experience certificates officially signed by the senior or the Head of the company that you worked for.

How To Select The Best Three Project For CDR Report Writing?

Competency Demonstration report is usually submitted by the engineers who wished to acquire a skilled migration visa and make a career in Australia. They use this report to assess the student’s competency.

Competency demonstration report provides exhaustive information about the candidate’s skill, academic qualification, and personal experiences of handling projects by him/her.

Engineers Australia has a recognized and authentic team of chief engineers. The team members are highly proficient and have comprehensive knowledge in the field of engineering. They are ambitious administrators who take charge of employing immigrant engineers in Australia. Their approval is a must for an applicant to start his career as an engineer in Australia. They scrutinize the submitted CDR thoroughly and declare the result within few days.

Preparing the CDR Report is quite tricky and rigorous as the authority’s assessment is done by Engineers Australia (EA). According to the rules and regulations, a person cannot apply for the same again before eleven months and prepare this report; Engineers Australia gives a specific time limit within which students should submit their report. Falling in submitting within that given time may cause rejection of the application.

There are some regulations that the candidate has to follow while preparing this report. The Engineers Australia sets these guidelines through a migration assessment booklet (MSA) published by them. This booklet contains all information about the directions and process of writing CDR project report.

It is better to understand the desired competency element and their definitions as well as choose the accurate occupational category and ANZSCO code (a skilled based classification system) to apply for.

A candidate’s CDR indicates his willingness to search for a work opportunity in Australia. Thousands of students/candidates are applying for immigration, so EA chose only those who are the best amongst all. They assess a candidate’s capabilities and potential from the outlook of an engineering professional.