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Career Episode 1


CE 1.1

My first career episode is a demonstration of the project “Design and Construction of a Propeller Clock”. During the project time, I was a student of Electronics and Communication Engineering at Ct Institute of Technology,Shahpur, Jalandhar. The project was initiated in ……………. and completed in ………………… The location of the project was ………………. city/country.


CE 1.2

Ct Institute Of Technology was established in 2008 and is in affiliation with PTU, Shahpur. The most prominent engineering disciplines that the university has to offer are Computer Science, Electrical and Electronics, Information Technology, Civil and Electronics and Communication. The students worthy to undergo the engineering programs are selected on the basis of merit and every year, the university generates skillful engineers to play to useful part in this technological era.

I performed following responsibilities during this project

  • Prepared a timetable to complete all the tasks on time
  • Studied documents, articles, and research papers related to this work
  • Supervised my team members and all the activities related tothe project
  • Arranged meetings and distributed the tasks
  • Reported the encountered problem and prepared a proposal to resolve this problem
  • Recorded the calculations and waveform
  • Presented the final report and presentations.

Career Episode 2


CE 3.1

In my third career episode, I have explained my project “Network Design.” During the time, I was completing my Degree in ……  from the University…….. The project was carried out from …………. to ………… The location of the project was …………. city/country.


CE 3.2

The objective of this project was to develop a network for a multi-site company that was consisted of three sites-Base, far, and near connected to different communication cables. The goal of this project was to design the network, understand the complete network, its topology, and the behavior of the traffic. The network of the company had three sites Far, Base, and Near. They were joined by communication cables.

CE 3.3

I performed following responsibilities in this project.

  • Prepared a proposal for this project and submitted to the supervisor
  • Acknowledged the details of the project using online browser, research papers, and other articles
  • Arranged meetings then decided the tasks and divided it among the group members
  • Prepared a working plan and informed it to every member of the project
  • Prepared solution reports of the problem I encountered in this project
  • Provided comfortable working environment for my team members
  • Prepared a final report and presentation and demonstrated it to my team members

Career Episode 3


CE 2.1

My second career episode was related to the project “LTE Network Design.” During this project, I was a student of Electronics Engineering at College of Science, Health and Engineering La Trobe University, Bundoora VIC 3083. The project was started in ……………… and fulfilled in ………………… and the project was based in …………………. city/country.


CE 2.2

La Trobe University was established in 1967. From now it’s marked 50 years of La Trobe University. Over 1,70,000 students were graduated from this university. The university produces more skillful engineers who cancreate their position in the market using their technical skills.

During this project, I performed the following responsibilities

  • Carried out a literature review related to wireless communication to understand its working before starting the project
  • Prepared a working scenario to complete the tasks on time
  • Divided the design into two parts and distributed the tasksto group members
  • Supervised the tasks assigned to team members
  • Selection of the correct area to place antenna so that it will give more coverage at particular area
  • Analyzed the simulations and determined the parameters for both sectored or non-sectored designed
  • Coordinated with my group members and supervisor on weekly basis
  • Assembled the final project report and gave the copy of the report to supervisor and the chairman of the department
  • Prepared a presentation and explained the process to the assigned panel


Australia CDR Sample Free Download