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Aluminum Smelters Environmental Impact Assessment

[CE 1.1] This project was my Masters in Professional Engineering project at ABC University, Australia.

            Name of Project: Aluminium Smelters Environmental Impact Assessment

            Duration: [Date] – [Date]

            Location: ABC University, Australia

            Position: Masters Student

  1. Background

[CE 1.2]The manufacturing industry is strictly regulated over the past few decades and this is mainly for taking concrete steps for the reduction of the environmental effects. The best available techniques are adopted despite the reduction of the complete emissions with the industrial waste generators still require suggestions for the production processes minimization linked with the reduction in the overall environmental effects. The metal industry is continued with significant waste generation sectors.

[CE 1.3]The project work was conducting a detailed environmental impact assessment based on the LCA assessment from the process of aluminum production with the consideration of the major steps related to the smelting of aluminum.I executed the research with the analysis and quantification made on the environmental impacts throughout the process of smelting to the finished products from the raw materials. I selected the production parameters in the input and output datasets form which were taken from sources particularly Boyne Smelters Ltd.

[CE 1.4]I considered three hypotheses utilizing various electricity sources and it included 100% solar-based, 100% coal-based and 20% solar and 80% coal-based. I obtained the results which indicated that the electricity consumption was dependent on the smelting process and it had an adequate impact on the environment when carrying out the comparison with the other processes included in the production of aluminum. I assessed the impacts based on the sensitivity analysis and it was performed with the electricity generation modes from various sources in the process of smelters. I assessed the eight environmental impacts which were dependent on the Boyne production of aluminum and it had a direct impact on global warming, acidification, and ozone layer depletion when compared with the solar-based energy source.

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