Top Ten Reasons For CDR Rejections

Common Errors that candidates make that leads to their CDR Rejection are as follows:-

  • Candidates use an excessive amount of unnecessary information such as diagrams, graphs, calculations without explaining them.
  • Candidates who do complex engineering calculations and contextual factors in their #CDRReport need to be explained well in the CDR project report. Declining to do so will lead to rejection.
  • Candidates often write their CDRReport
  • content in bullet points, which is strictly prohibited by the EA., Always, write your CDR Content in a paragraph format.
  • Plagiarized content is straightly rejected by the EA or may even get you banned for one year. The EA is rejecting candidates who copy and paste contents from sample CDR report or published materials.
  • The EA is rejecting candidates who write one project details in two or all three career episodes. One project details should be written in only one career episode.
  • Australia CDR Report is all about showcasing your engineering skills and knowledge. Candidates who use their teamwork achievements as their own or those who write “we” instead of “I” face immediate rejection.
  • Candidates who don’t follow the given word limit in their Career episode content, which is 1000 to 2500 words, create a negative impression on the EA’s assessor.
  • Always write your Whole CDR Report content in Australian English; failing to do so will create a negative impression on the EA assessor.
  • Candidates who fail to showcase their love for the environment and their workers’ safety in their CDR Project Report create a negative impression on the assessor of the EA.

Proofreading is essential before submitting your CDR Project Report. Grammatical, spelling mistakes or poor writing skills will lead to rejection by Engineers Australia.