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What is Career episode reports (CERs) in CDR? It is a crucial part of the competency demonstration report (CDR). It is important to the Engineers Australia (EA) as it will be used in determining whether an individual’s engineering knowledge and skills match those in Australia or not. The EA further allows engineers who wish to join Australia to apply through the other four occupational categories to acquire their skilled migration.

The categories include

  • Professional Engineers,
  • Engineering Associates,
  • Engineering Technologist,
  • Engineering Managers.

The Engineers Australia has a list of competencies for every category; therefore, when drafting career episodes, one should keep in mind what precisely they are writing to demonstrate according to the competencies elements under the categories.

How Three Career Episode Report Should Be Presented in CDRReport?


Career episodes aim to secure that the applicants they selected through their CDRreport are excellent in their field. CER’s are essential in showcasing your engineering skills and knowledge from your engineering degree, internship program, or related work assignment work. EA can closely observe the level of engineering skills possessed by the applicants through the career episode. Thus, a fairly constructed career episode is an absolute must if anyone wants to make sure that they positively demonstrated their migration to Engineers Australia (EA).

Career Episode Structures

  1. Introduction– this section includes the opening of your career episodes. It should be written in 100 words.
  • Date of joining to date to resigning.
  • Name of the company/organization where you worked or studied.
  • Location of the site/company where you worked.
  • You’re Position/designation at the organization during the project.
  • You manage any project management responsibilities during the project.


  1. Background sections – this comprises the description of your project’s contexts and objectives that you have mentioned. It also includes the nature of your work zone; your job responsibilities are well showcased in this section. It is generally written in 200 to 500 words.
  • Description of the project.
  • Purpose of the project.
  • A narration of your work area.
  • Organizational Ranking Chart
  • Job responsibilities
  1. Personal Engineering Activity this is the primary section of the career episode. It should be written in about 500 to 1000 words. This section includes all the simplifications about the activities you performed during the project work. The full info is how you do it, along with the technical difficulties you faced during your working period. You can write this background section by using these tips such as:-
  • A detailed ranking oriented demonstration of your roles you performed during the project.
  • You should be aware that you don’t go off-topic while explaining your roles and responsibilities in your career episode section. Always include proper tables, figures, and calculation data, whatever supports your argument.
  • Try to mention the difficulties and challenges you faced while completing your assignment.
  • Try to showcase your leadership skills in your Career episode report.
  • Try to include creative strategies you used to overcome difficulties during your project work.
  • Always mention codes and standards to use while working on the project.
  1. Summary statement- this part summarizes all your project activities as well as highlights your engineering related competencies. This is usually written in 100 to 150 words. In this, you can also mention your achievements and skills you gained while working.

CDRReport .Net Follow MSA Booklet Released by Engineers Australia

  • As you know, it is the most important section of your CDRReport. You can write academic as well as professional projects in this. It should project competencies according to the occupational category you selected.
  • You should provide relevant facts to support your claims.
  • Always remember the word limit, which is 1500 to 2500 words for the whole CER.
  • Too much technical information should be avoided.
  • Always write your CDR or CER in Australian English.
  • Always use the first person narrative while writing your career episode.
  • Always remember to write your career episode in essay format.
  • Try to focus on your role in the project while writing the career episode report.
  • Issue proper numbering to each paragraph in your career episode report.

The career episode writings need a lot of thinking to derive your capabilities and what your department or team did. At the same time, precaution must be taken to avoid statements like “we did,” because the evaluator is only interested in you as you know that the Competency demonstration report is intended to deliver your own individual skills rater that the teamwork efforts.

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