Engineers Australia Additional Information

The Documents Which You Need to Send as Additional Information to Engineers Australia (EA) Panel Team

  • If plagiarism is found in your CDR Project Report, Engineers Australia will ask you to prove that it is your Original content. In such cases where a little bit of plagiarism is found, you can state that your CDR Project is leaked by exposing it to a public platform, or someone may hack your computer or storage device.
  • Suppose Engineers Australia is doubtful by your academic project’s content or Field related job experience that you have mentioned in your Career episode or in your Continuing Professional development report. In that case, they will ask you for a verification certificate or an authorization letter.
  • In the case of Academic projects, you will need to submit an authorization letter signed by your professor issued by your college/university to prove to them that it is your original Academic project written solely by you only.
  • In the case of Field related Job experience, you will need to submit a Verified Job experience letter signed by your project manager or by the head of the company that you worked for.
  • Engineers Australia is a strict governing body that evaluates every detail closely; try to be as transparent as you can in writing details of your academic projects or Field related experiences.

A competency demonstration report is a document that demonstrates your skills and knowledge as an engineer meets the Australian standard. CDR is required in those cases where qualifications are non-accredited or from non-accord countries. Engineers Australia (EA) will assess your CDR Project Report before deciding whether you fit into the occupational category you applied for or not. The CDR Project Report shares details about your professional engineering experience, knowledge attained, and growth initiatives. Your CDR comprises a continuing professional development (CPD), three career episodes, and the summary statement.

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Fulfill The Requirements Or Else Engineers Australia May Ask Additional Information

  • Before writing a CDR Project Report, it is essential to carefully understand the report’s purpose and read the EA guidelines.
  • EA wants you to give an English language Proficiency test; thus, one needs to be perfect with the choice of words, sentences, spellings, and writing styles.
  • Choosing the right topic and occupational category is an important step that will pave your way to Australia.
  • EA wants you to talk about what you have achieved while working with a company. Make sure that you have provided all the necessary documents and proofs to support your claims.
  • Every line of your career episode matter to the EA; thus, penning the vital information here in the most desirable way possible can do wonders for you.
  • All three career episodes must be written in the first-person active voice. Always stick to the facts and details that can add weight to your CDR Project Report.

Here is the list of following documents that you will need to support your CDR Project is as follows:-

  • Passport Size Photograph.
  • Photo Identification.
  • Verified Curriculum Vitae.
  • Evidence of your English language competency.
  • Documentation of all your qualifications, both Testamur and transcript.
  • Three career episode reports describing learning experiences through which you personally develop and demonstrate your engineering Competencies.
  • The summary statement of your competencies.

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