Engineers Australia Ban

Engineers Australia Also Known As (The institution of Engineers Australia, Or EA) is a professional body and non-for-profit organization committed to being the national forum for advancing the engineering field within Australia and a member of the Washington Accord.

Engineers Australia Provides:-

  • Program Accreditation.
  • Migration Skill assessment.
  • Professional development.
  • Chartered Status for Engineers.

Applicants/candidates who are from countries which are not signatories of any mutual agreement with Australia must go through a detailed evaluation of their qualifications and prepare a “Competency Demonstration Report (CDR)”

The CDR is like an essay report in which the applicant/candidates need to showcase how he/she applied their knowledge/skills of engineering in practice.

The CDR is compulsory and must be written following specifications laid down in the migration skills assessment booklet published by engineers Australia.

The CDR project report must be all your own work. An application showing affirmation of fraud will be rejected, and Engineers Australia will ban the applicant for 12 months. Huge cases of fraud involving more than one or two applicants may lead to a bigger investigation. Engineers Australia has no hesitation in referring to confirmed cases of fraud to DIBP.

Plagiarism detection software such as Turnitin is used to determine if any information in the report has been copied from published materials or previously submitted CDR.

Several points that one should keep in mind before writing a CDR Project report that will help them gain positive assessment and secure their CDR from not getting banned by the Engineers Australia.

  • The CDR Report must be composed like an Essay, and the use of excessive photos, diagrams, visual representation of data or graphs will lead to rejection by the EA.
  • Go through the MSA guideline before starting the CDR Project Report.
  • Properly revise your CDR project report so that there will be no grammar or language mistakes occur.
  • Try to write in the appropriate writing structure, as mentioned in the EA.
  • All the information that you will provide in your CDR Report must be true. And you have to provide proof of all the information that you have provided. EA will assess the reputation of the data, and if false evidence is identified, they will reject the report.
  • While writing your job experience, always provide a trusted reference to it because there will be a cross-verification for all the details provided.
  • Always maintain the required word length that is 1000-2500 words.
  • Engineers Australia strictly prohibits plagiarism. Candidates should not copy the contents from published materials or samples.
  • Use the required Australian English language while writing your CDR.
  • The three important sections of the CDR, such as CPD, Career Episodes, and the summary statements, have to be precise and genuine.