Engineers Australia CDR Rejection

Common Mistakes That Are Made Which Leads To CDR Report Rejection by Engineers Australia (EA) 

  • You include Excessive technical information, such as photos, diagrams, tables, and calculations.
  • You are not specifying the methods that are used to solve complex engineering problems.
  • You do not exhibit the knowledge of contextual factors and conceptual understanding that impacts the engineering discipline.
  • You do not present your data in paragraph form rather than in bullet points while writing career episodes.
  • By coping with the academic report of someone, including skills and elements of others, will lead to plagiarism as we know that Engineers Australia strictly prohibits Plagiarized content.
  • If you write project details into two or three sections or if you write a project detail in the entire three career episodes. It will lead to CDR Rejection.
  • If you write details about teamwork or a group project and use “we” instead of “I,” it is considered rejected by the EA.
  • You are writing your career episode in another language rather than Australia English is considered rejected by the EA.
  • You are writing no detail about your involvement in working for the safety of the environment as well as employees.
  • Follow the word range of career episodes that is 1000 to 2500 words. But if you exceed the word range by providing extra details, your CDR will be rejected.
  • You do not introduce your project duration, company profile, location, or project objectives in your CDR report.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors or poor writing skills will lead to your CDR Rejection by the EA.

 CDR for Engineers Australia is a must for migrating and securing a dream job in Australia. The CDR is evaluated according to engineers Australia skills assessment guidelines. Engineers Australia CDR assessment is done to inspect every project, work area, or industrial activity that can satisfy EA migration skills assessment requirements for the specific job, according to ANZSCO Codes.

Whether it is knowledge and skill base, engineering application ability, professional and personal attributes representation, and all your works should be in strict accordance with the migration skills Assessment guidelines and engineers Australia.

The Three Career episodes formats, background, and CDR summary statements should be drafted according to MSA guidelines. The CPD details in the CDR application should be provided in list format as required by MSA.

Standard Steps required to write a Complete CDR Project Report are as follows:-

  • (1) Personal Information– passport-style photos, Prime ID, Name Changing Documents (if needed), CV/Resume, and English language test results.
  • (2) Application– Nominate your preferred occupational category.
  • (3) Education– Prepare academics certification, transcription, and other relevant academics documentation.
  • (4) Skilled Employment– Evidence of employment based on career episodes of engineering experiences or relevant skilled employment services.
  • (5) Report-Prepare CPD statement, Career Episode, and summary statement.
  • (6) Submit– Once the entire above details are prepared, you are now ready to log into my Portal and lodge a CDR Application.