CDR Report Sample For Mechanical Engineer

Sample Career Episode 1 For Mechanical Engineer (Anzsco Code 233512)


The project explaining in this career episodes related to the reciprocating rectilinear mechanism of product development technologies.The project was given to me during my graduation degree at …………… Institute. I started the project in ……………. And completed on ………… The project activities were based on …………….. city or country.


The mechanism of reciprocating configuration of rectilinear mechanism is also referred to as the alternative reciprocating procedure. This type of mechanism is employed in screw press of the rotary engine, power drive saw as well as shaper machinery. In order to familiarize with the operational functioning, dynamics and designing of the model the first requirement is the selection of the requisite strategy of the assembly in order to figure out an optimum solution for the problem that is existing in an innovative manner. This is followed by the acquisition of the relevant data for the central part of the rotation as well as linear configuration of movement. After this the analysis procedure is commenced with onto the technique of data for the movement of the device.


  • Created the relevant design in Catia V5 as well as Solidworks and then commenced with assembling and simulating it in AutoCAD Inventor Professional
  • Carried out with the drafting of the design of slotted arm for which Catia V5 software program was implemented
  • Proceeded with the manufacturing phase through the usage of laser cutting and drilling machines


The main objective of the project was the determination of the overall working, flow as well as the operational functioning of a kinematic motion of particular device in an optimum strategy of the assembly so that the problem that is existing could be solved for the related model. Furthermore, the relative data is collected for the central part of rotation along with linear state of movement.

Sample Career Episode 2 For Mechanical Engineering


This episode is related to the discussion of the project “Mechanical Behavior of different SLM parameters and Ti-6AI-4V parts”. The project was given to me during my master’s degree at …………… Institute. I started the project in ……………. And completed on ………… The activities were based in ……………. city or country.


The goal of the project was to design a dot bone structure by simply changing the parameters such as a thickness of a layer, power of a laser, speed of the scan, hatch spacing, and angle of scanning pattern. The mechanical behavior of an effective parameter was analyzed by conducting the hardness test & analyzed the parameters in artificial neural network.


  • Collected the required information related to the project by using different search engines and research papers
  • Planned the project tasks as per requirement and distributed them among the group mates
  • Developed the schematic diagram of an artificial neural network
  • Fixed the measurements of the structural framework
  • Developed the design of platform structures by varying the parameters
  • Prepared the unique model of dot bone structure and also designed a number of factors in Minitab software
  • Performed analysis of parameters to evaluate the effectiveness
  • Conducted hardness test on the models in accordance with an Australian benchmark


The project “Mechanical Behavior of different SLM parameters and Ti-6AI-4V parts” was successfully completed with the coordination of my team members and the supervisor. The obtained results showed in the report were the materials tested by using an artificial neural network (ANN) & measured average contribution of hardness. Using this tool, the parameters were determined that affected the hatch spacing &SLM parts. The scan and heat treatment played an important role in a selective laser melting method. In the future aspect, I will conduct the tensile test and observe the behavior of all inputs on breaking elongation and ultimate tensile.

Sample Career Episode 3 For Mechanical Engineering

The aforementioned episode illustrated the Design of the Railway Crossing System. I completed this project during the bachelor’s degree in Electronics and Communications Engineering. It was executed in Month/Year and finished in Month/Year.

The following tasks were allocated to me:

  • Conducted the research to collect information regarding all the components used in this project such as 8051 microcontrollers, DC motor, IR sensors, and LCD module.
  • Developed the block diagram of the circuit and designed the automatic railway gate.
  • Used the KEIL Programing software.
  • Arranged meetings with the project team and scheduled the project tasks for the timely completion of the project.
  • Completed a final report and presentation


The designed project has numerous advantages as it will not only decrease the accidents on the railway level crossing but also enhances the accuracy to the maximum extent as well as decrease the error which usually occurs because of the manual operations. Further, I also decrease the train collision and manage the particular train route and avoided delays which happens because of the manual operation. Due to the right timings, the train will reach the station on time. In this project, the microcontroller 8051 carry out its complete operation such as sensing of train arrival, closing & opening of gate. The further operation was performed through developing code for controller this will automatic control gate using 8051 microcontrollers and performed the work proficiently as well as it also decreases human time and works. It is considered as the so easy way for controlling the operation of gate & decreased faults occurrence.