How To Write CDR For Biomedical Engineering?

If writing CDR is a challenging task, writing it for biomedical engineering is an arduous task. It is because biomedical engineering emphasizes improving health care progress and overall human health. And that too in Australia, where health is of top priority, EA or the Engineers Australia will have stringent standards required for CDR. Hence, you need the best CDR report writers services with enough experience and expertise to make CDR report for biomedical engineering.

What is biomedical engineering?

Biomedical engineering fills the gap between science and engineering for the welfare of humans. It bridges the two by seamlessly combining many engineering principles, design, and problem-solving methods in medicine and biology for improving therapy, diagnoses, and monitoring of patients. Biomedical engineering has become the unique interface between engineering and healthcare for using engineering knowledge for perfect healthcare solutions.

It differs from the other engineering fields because of its various sub-disciplines and design, affecting human health, apart from developing many active and passive medical devices, medical imaging, orthopedic implants, and stem and tissue cell engineering. Hence, writing CDR for biomedical engineering differs from the other engineering fields and needs help from professional CDR writers.

Biomedical engineering offers the best careers for those with a passion for both medicine and engineering:

  • It is a booming field combining health and technology to revolutionize the medicinal field.
  • Many medical devices made by biomedical engineers are helping to treat ailments that were not possible before with the traditional methods.
  • Biomedical engineering hybridizes problem-solving and engineering expertise with concentrated studying of medicine and health.

Hence, with the current COVID-19 situation and increasing awareness among people worldwide for healthcare, biomedical engineering is offering promising and prosperous careers for students. Moreover, since it provides multidisciplinary professional opportunities to work in various capacities, biomedical engineers are in high demand now and more in the future. But for that, they have to write excellent CDR reports to utilize the increasing demand for biomedical engineering jobs in Australia.

Here’s the format for essential submission with your CDR!

  • Introduction – 150 words, including the chronology of the dates, demographics, and the name of the organization
  • Background – 200 to 500 words, including the nature and objectives of the project or work and statement of the duties
  • Personal engineering activity – 600 to 1500 words which is the body of the career episode showcasing the individual engineering skills applied in the work or project or solving issues, strategies, and innovative design work and also excellent teamwork

Career Episode Report Writing:

Career episode reports are the backbone of any CDR Report Engineers Australia to get approval from the EA. And that too for biomedical engineering CDR it should be in the correct format as EA will be more careful in approving it.

The following facts will help me know the excellent career episode reports for a biomedical engineering CDR:

  • Should write three career episode reports with an EA recommended narrative of 1000 to 2500 words with no excessive textbook narratives or instructions
  • Each career episode should showcase a specific period’s engineering or work experience or particular engineering activity.
  • All three career episodes should establish the application of engineering knowledge in the nominated category.
  • The base of each career should be on an engineering task, project or a position, or particular problem-solving skill.
  • Number each paragraph in the career episodes as 1.1,1.2, 1.3… 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and 3.1, 3.2, 3.1 for easy reference in the summary statement.

Summary Statement Writing:

It is essential to write only one summary statement with results that demonstrate the analysis of all the competency elements for the selected occupational category in the career episodes. In addition, it helps the EA members to cross-refer the competency elements with each paragraph of the career episode. It would be best to write 50 to 150 words to include the overall view of the project, achieving the aims, and the individual contribution to the project.

Continuing Professional Development Writing:

CPD or continuing professional development report establishes the continuance of the engineering activity from under graduation to submitting the CDR. It is a table format in the A4 sheet, including the dates, duration, venues, and organization for proof of continued engineering activity. For example, it should be in the formal engineering post-graduation study, conferences, workshops, seminars, discussions, technical inspections, private study, and volunteering engineering work.

Steps To Follow While Preparing Your CDR Report:

  • Prepare all the personal information like photo, passport, ID, resume, and English proficiency certificate.
  • Nominate the occupational category from the available four of professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, Engineering Associate, and Engineering Manager
  • Keep ready all the academic qualifications, including transcripts and course syllabus.
  • Prepare the evidence for the engineering experience and the projects.
  • Write the CPD, three career episodes, and summary statement.

Once all the above is ready, then be happy to submit your CDRReport. But all of it is easier said than done and needs professional help from expert CDRReport.Net to avoid rejections and get approval from EA to fly to Australia for the dream biomedical engineer job.

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