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CDR Report .Net is an individual company that deals with CDR Report writings, CDR Report reviews for various job-oriented countries. A CDRReport is a competency demonstration report submitted by an engineer in the field of profession for which he shows he fits well.

This report Writing is the desired medium through which engineering aspirants seek a skilled migration visa for Australia. Numerous engineers who are trying to go for the capable migration process are preparing a documents. Authority in Australia that checks the CDR is EA, a short form for the engineers in Australia. They have devised a certain benchmark for a CDR assessment. If the submitted CDR matches the guidelines and is up to mark, it is selected for the skills immigration application, and the visa process is ended up.

Competencies assessment is done strictly by many countries. They have a team of experienced senior engineers that evaluates every aspect of the competency demonstration report..

Documents Required by Engineers Australia While Submitting #CDRReport

  • Personal information- it includes passport-sized photographs, national identity card, bio-data, passport, resume, birth certificate, and English language proficiency test results.
  • Application- This section applicant has to select an occupational engineering category to which they apply for a job in Australia.
  • Education– this section includes certificates, degrees, and academic transcripts. One needs to include the relevant documents if he or she qualifies in more than one engineering discipline.
  • Employment– it includes proper mention of career episodes, proof of works experience of the past year, name and location of the company, duration of work, name, and candidate designation.
  • Australia CDRReport- it includes CPD (continuing professional development), a summary statement along with three career episodes.

CDR Report Writers in Australia

Our team has experienced professionals that are writing CDR Report for over a decade now. They have in-depth knowledge of the guidelines and conditions required by the Engineers Australia or any other country. Our team includes engineers from all the various engineering trades such as mechanical, civil, electrical, electronics, instrumentation, chemical, telecommunications, computer science, and many more.

Our CDR Report writers in Australia think about CDR’s central aim and write every section with a systematic structure. They target the various components of the CDR report from the introduction to the abstract. They make sure that every part is written accurately. The CDR writers write each report by doing an extensive assessment of the project. They furnish each detail that meets the want of the CDR reports. They thoroughly measure every section to supply you with an elaborated and correct CDR Report. Our CDR Report writers are present in India, Saudi Arabia, Kuwait, Qatar, Pakistan, and UAE.

CDR Writing Tips For Engineers Australia (EA) By Our Australian CDR Writers

  • Engineers Australia doesn’t want to know any irrelevant details in your CDR. It only bothers with your role in the company and your personal contribution to your organization as an engineer.
  • Career episodes direct to showcase your skills as professional Engineers, technologists, Engineering associates, managers. Select them correctly to demonstrate the competency elements for your engineering category.
  • Be ready to justify all your claims with documents and evidence. Show proof of results you claim to achieve.
  • Career episodes should be noted in the First-person—in an active voice.
  • According to Engineers Australia, while writing your summary statement, you have to analyze each paragraph of your career episode related to the competency elements for the skilled migration category you are applying.
  • Before writing the CDR go through the MSA Booklet for clear guidelines.
  • Use the required Australian English language to write a CDR report.

How To Avoid CDR Report Rejections? Get CDR Report Writers Assistance/Help 

  • They present their CER content in bullet point form rather than in paragraph format while writing career episodes.
  • They try to copy the academic report of someone, including others’ skills and elements; it will lead to plagiarism as we know that Engineers Australia strictly prohibits Plagiarized content.
  • If they write project details into two or three sections or if they write a project detail in the entire three career episodes. It will lead to CDR Rejection.
  • They include Excessive technical information, such as photos, diagrams, tables, and calculations.
  • They are not specifying the methods in their CDR that are used to solve complex engineering problems.
  • They don’t exhibit the knowledge of contextual factors and conceptual understanding that impacts the engineering discipline.
  • If they write details about teamwork or a group project and use “we” instead of “I,” it is considered rejected by the EA.
  • If they are writing a career episode in another language rather than Australian English is considered rejected by the EA.
  • They have to write detail about their involvement in working for the safety of the environment as well as employees.
  • Follow the word range of career episodes that is 1000 to 2500 words. But if they exceed the word range by providing extra details, your CDR will be rejected.
  • If they don’t introduce their project duration, company profile, location, or project objectives in their CDR report, it will be rejected.
  • Grammatical and spelling errors or poor writing skills will lead to your CDR Rejection by the EA.

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