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CDR Sample Civil Engineering : Career Episode 1

Project Title: Determining the wind speed for a warehouse

The project that has been explained here consists of estimations related to wind speed of a warehouse. I have done this work during my Bachelor of Civil engineering honor’sstudies from Swinburne University of Technology. The activities were started in Jul2018& finally completed the tasks by Nov 2018.

Roles And Responsibility

  • Performed background studies and developed my understanding with the design and calculations needed to be performed
  • Had good discussion sessions with my professor and got further guidance
  • Reviewed papers and articles
  • Performed calculations to determine the wind speed
  • Performed detailed calculations for completing the design of building
  • Adopted civil design codes

The project included and explained in this episode focused and considered on the various estimations related to the wind speed of a warehouse. This project involved many calculation and detailed design this was really helpful for me as I improve a lot ofmy technical design skills.

CDR Sample Civil Engineering : Career Episode 2

Project Title:- Design of Residential stiffened Raft Slab in Horsham, North Western Victoria

This project described the complete procedure and methodology followed to design the residential stiffened raft slab of the house. It was considered an essential requirement that the house plans should satisfy the requirements for the soil classification following AS2870-2011. The total area of the site is given to be 689.5m2.

To achieve the goals and set objectives of these projects on-time, I performed the following tasks:

  • Conducted the construction site visit and soil sample was collected to check the nature and properties of soil.
  • Performed the calculations based on data generated due to the borehole test.
  • Negotiated with the suppliers for the on-time delivery of reinforced materials.
  • Designed the stiffened raft slab by evaluating the effects of a row of large mature Eucalypt trees.
  • Performed activities in compliance with AS2870-2011 standards & safety rules and regulations.

This project enabled me to show my time management and leadership skills. I managed all the resources of this project and made friendly and good relations with the team members. I learned the latest and new strategies and techniques to design the footings for tree and submitted it on-time.

CDR Sample Civil Engineering : Career Episode 3

Project Title:- Design of the Two-Way Lanes Single Carriageway Ruler Road

This project involved the design of the two way two lanes single carriageway ruler road by selecting the path which has more straight distance at a start and endpoints. By surveying the construction site, we got (five straight and four curves) which collectively had a total of 9 sections. In this project, we assumed that each straight road must have equal to more than 250 m distance before it reaches to curves.

The responsibilities allocated to me are shown below:

  • Designed the Two-way road by performed calculations to determine the road’s straight length.
  • Determined the development length of the superelevation and spiral length.
  • Documented the entire project details.
  • Conducted the project meetings with the team and coordinated with them to finish all the allocated tasks at the given time.
  • Obeyed engineering standards and safety regulations to develop the best road design.

I put all my energy and effort into this project to complete it on the required duration. I worked day and night to develop the best and safe design ruler road design in compliance with the standards and maintained safety on the site.