CDR Report for Civil Engineer

CDR is the slang word used for Competency Demonstration Report. We can say that it is the threshold for migration to Australia. This is the special report through which you can step into the engineering workforce in Australia. This report is a reflection of professional life as well as skillets in a comprehensive format. This report helps foreign engineers land Australia as skilled manpower. It is a sort of elaboration through which it testifies the engineers’ technical competency, professional insight, and career map. It is to be noted that this report is a comprehensive summation of engineer projects that are done by the candidates with suitable proofs.

How To Write CDR Report For Engineers Australia (EA)?

According to the report submitted by the engineers Australia in 2017, the vacancies in civil engineering (ANZSCO Code is 233211) are the highest among the entire engineering field. Civil engineers are in huge demand in New South Wales, Victoria, South Australia, Tasmania, and the Australian Capital Territory. Some major construction projects underway in Australia are the metro train’s project in Victoria, Sydney rapid transit project, the west connex project, and large-scale solar projects in NSW are few examples of the construction projects underway in Australia.

Some critical areas of civil engineers are designing, constructing, and maintaining new roads, water management, water filtration, and housing real state expansion in the city area. They build and new infrastructure and repair the old ones. There are also many sub-branches of civil engineers, such as environment, transportation, and structure.

Professional Sub-groups

  • Civil engineers.
  • Structural Engineers.
  • Transport Engineers.
  • Geotechnical Engineers.
  • Quantity Surveyors.

Civil Engineering Career Episode Report

A career episode is an essential part of the CDRReport. It helps in showcasing your individual skills and knowledge as an engineer. It is an approach to present your academic and work experience skills to Engineers Australia’s assessor.

All three CERS should be written in

  • 1000 words to 2500 words.
  • CERs should always be written in proper numbering format such as 1.1 1.2, 2.1 2.2 3.1 3.2, and,
  • it is always written in the first-person singular.

How To Write Three Career Episodes Report For Engineers Australia?

  • Introduction- in this, you will write the time period from which you have started working to the end; you will also mention your company/organization name, project objectives, location of your project, and position while working on that project in a precise manner.
  • Background info of the CDR Career Episodes– This section will deliver a detailed presentation of all your individual skills. You can write activities that you performed and how you do that specific activity along with the technical difficulties you faced while mentioning the suggestions that you come up with to overcome the issues. In the background, you can write around below given topics such as:-
  1. Description of the project.
  2. Objectives of the projects.
  3. Explanation of your work areas.
  4. Ranking in the organizational chart.
  5. Roles and responsibilities that are handed over to you.
  • Personal engineering activities- you have to deliver a detailed presentation of your roles during the job work. Don’t add too much technical info; try to add proper graphs, calculations, or drawings to support your claims. Write creative strategies you come up with to overcome a difficulty during your project, and lastly, always remember to showcase your leadership skills in your Career episode report. The CERs should be as per the specifications of the category and the professional group of the ANZSCO. As you are writing this for civil engineering, you can mention your experience for engineering projects like water supply systems, bridges, buildings, roads, hydraulic systems, etc.

Summary Statement For Engineers Australia- in the summary statement, the applicants have to submit all the civil engineer’s competency elements (ANZSCO Code is 233211). There are cross-references in the summary statement to the career episodes’ relevant paragraphs, as explained in the migration skill assessment booklet. The summary statement should be in complete accordance with today’s requirements of Engineers Australia.

CPD For Engineers Australia:- CPD report is also a sub-section of your CDR Report. This report is submitted to engineers Australia to showcase that the applicant is well aware of his branch’s development. This report must be provided in a list form. You can include several topics such as:-

  • Conference or workshops you have attended and the research papers you have submitted.
  • Presentation materials you have written for short courses, seminars, or publications.
  • Service to your engineering field (volunteer work, mentoring, etc.)
  • Any post-graduation courses you have applied or completed.
  • Private study (books, magazines, etc.)

Job Responsibilities

  • Able to plan and design projects based on analysis done in long-range plans.
  • Able to monitor the cost of construction, rules framed by the government, the environmental hazards, and other significant factors as per plan and risk evaluation of the projects.
  • Able to assess the test done on the construction materials such as concrete, wood, steel, or asphalt for use in various projects.
  • Able to perform soil testing tasks, thereby analyzing the results in order to determine the project’s economic feasibility.
  • To evaluate the future cost to be incurred for raw materials, machinery, manpower in order to assess the same feasibility.
  • Able to draft and intercept specifications, drawing plans, construction methods, and procedures.
  • They must set-up work control systems to ensure standards of performance, quality, cost, and safety.
  • They are required to determine construction methods, materials, and quality standards.
  • They are needed to overview the various tasks that include site layouts, building locations, grades, elevators, and other significant points on the construction site.

Salary Packages in Australia

The intermediate annual wage for civil engineers is 83540 AUD$. The lowest 10% earned less than 53470 AUD$, and the highest 10% will make more than 132880 AUD$.

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CDR Report Sample For Civil Engineer – ANZSCO Code is 233211). 

CDR Career Episode Report 1 Sample For Civil Engineers Australia


My first project experience is a project that I did while working at Qatar Building Company (QBC) when I worked as the Technical Engineer in the Estimation Department. The project was to prepare a sewer drainage line for the Public Works Authority, (PWA), also known as ASHGHAL. We had participated in the tendering process and won the tender. I worked on this project between June 2014 to December 2015.The project was located at Najma District in Doha Qatar in Zone 26. The Project entailed upgrading of the existing sewerage network in Najma area which involved the removal and replacement of 19.5km pipelines (200Ø – 1200Ø). My assignment was to design the project and ensure the sewer was flowing uninterrupted.

Here is the company detail

Tel: +974 – XXXXX


This project was awarded to rehabilitate the Existing Sewers within Doha by the ASHGHAL or the Public Works Authority, (PWA), who were the client. The project was divided into four sections namely Najma-Al Hilal(Package A) Al Arab-Al Kharaib (Package B).The other section was Najma-Al Hilal Sub (Package C) and Al Arab-Al Kharaib (Package D).  The project involved the design of the main lines and branches to ensure it was allowing the flow and at the same time it was capable of handling the volume generated in central Doha. I worked on the design, implementation, and commissioning of the project.

Below is the statement of my duties as the Technical Engineer.

  • Designing of the sewer lines that included determination of the right diameter, the gradient of the pipe, velocity among other parameters.
  • Advice on the best route for the pipeline to serve more areas as much as possible.
  • I was responsible for the preparation of the documents and other logistics in the project to ensure the success.
  • I participated in brainstorming of the project after I encountered some challenges.
  • I made sure safety, environmental and ethical issues was followed at the site to the later.
  • I interacted with the suppliers on economic issues related to the supply of the raw materials needed for the site.

CDR Career Episode Report 2 Sample For Civil Engineers Australia


The second project discussion is my Engineering experience that I acquired while working as the Technical Engineer at Qatar Building Company (QBC). This project was the participation in the construction of the Al Otouriyah / Al Jemailya / Al Shihaniyah Road (P019) where I performed the Soil test that I will elaborate on the project. I worked and delivered this project within 18 months between November 2014 to May 2016.The project was located in the central region of the Qatar, where 28.7km of Rural Arterial road from Al Shihaniyah to Al Jemailya via Al Otouriyah. My responsibility was to perform the soil test that enables the determination of the amount of compaction and the to check whether the soil was able to current the maximum required loads.

Here the is the company detail

Tel: +974 – xxxxx


Qatar Building Company (QBC) is the market leader in civil engineering and building, and it was awarded the contracted to construct by road by ASHGHAL or the Public Works Authority of Qatar government, (PWA). The project was the design, and its implementation monitor by ASHGHAL. The road was divided into two sections namely 18.8 Km between Al Otouriyah and Al Jemailya. The second section was the 12.6Km between Al Shihaniyah to Al Otouriyah. The project that I did this construction work was the earthwork where I perform the various soil test to ensure compaction was done well. I implemented the project and made recommendations as per the test results.

Below are the roles and responsibilities that I was assigned as the Technical Engineer.

  • Participated in the design of the road especially the stabilization of the base foundation.
  • I did the soil compaction test and advice the earthworks team where necessary.
  • I was part of the project planning team where I came with the implementation plans and ways of mitigating challenges that I encountered in my line of duty.
  • I did the compaction test calculations where I was able to determine important test parameters that helped me in making the informed decision.
  • As the team leader in the soil compaction test, I prepared and presented various documents to the stakeholders.

I ensured safety was maintained at the workstation and ensured the dust was not affecting the surrounding environment.

CDR Career Episode Report 2 Sample For Civil Engineers Australia


My third project discussion is the experience that I acquired while working on the extension of Highway 55 temporary truck route section B and A. At the time of this project I was working for Qatar Building Company (QBC) as the Technical Engineer. This project consisted of the constructing 22.7 KM dual carriageways with four bridges, seven roundabouts and other associated amenities like diversions that ensured the flow of traffic. I worked on this project between November 2013 and January 2015 at west and north of Doha City. The work was divided into Sections A and B for Route 55 Temporary Truck Route (TTR). As the Technical Engineer, I was tasked with designing and ensuring the road was done to the right standard.

Here is the company detail

Tel: +974 –xxxxx


QBC was established as a private civil engineer contractor in 1971 as a private civil engineering contractor in Qatar. It has cemented its position as the Civil engineering contractor, and it further introduced a new line of service called the Qatar Building Company Heavy Equipment Division that deals with construction equipment. This project was as a result of the tender that QBC had won after it was selected by the Ashghal   to construct the road extension of the Highway 55 Temporary Truck Route of sections B and A.  The project involved the supply of the civil engineering raw material and implementation of the traffic management plan. The other work included the re-routing of the power lines that was on the construction site and the design and construction of the Asphalt paved road. The other work that I did on the project was the design of the bridges and the drainage systems along the roads. After every section during the compaction of the base foundation, I did both penetration and compaction test to make sure the road was able to carry the design loads.

Roles And Responsibilities.

  • I participated in the design of the road constructions, such as coming with the specifications like the compaction pressure, the number of roller passes, the thickness of the pavement layers, the excavation and fill volume among others.
  • I performed the both compaction and penetration test followed by calculations so as to ensure the road was done to the design specifications and was able to carry the design loads.
  • I enforced the Roads constructions standards that were necessary for Qatar approval.
  • I optimized my designs by using the latest civil engineering software.
  • I was the team leader who made sure that the members were doing the right things. I also implemented safety on behave of the client.
  • I managed the project through planning, implementation, monitoring coordination among other areas.

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