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Australia CDR Report writing is a tricky part. Candidates use their knowledge and resources to write a #CDRReport but often fail rejections due to the small errors in their documents. By reading MSA Booklet and CDR Report sample, you can get an overview of the documents writing procedure but still miss some critical aspects of it. In the end, it results in rejection as well as the loss of time, resources, and skills.

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CDR Stands for Competency Demonstration Report. It is a report prepared by engineering professionals who want to migrate to Australia to search for a job. Engineers Australia (EA) is the governing body that manages the migration process in Australia. EA has an experienced engineer’s team that overlooks a engineering competency report (ECR) and then gives an assessment regarding it. A CDR itself contains five documents, the merger of which makes it whole.

A “CDRReport” Includes

  • Three Career Episodes Report (CERs)
  • Summary Statements and
  • Continued Professional Development (CPD)

The engineering professionals who are willing to migrate to Australia but possess and oversees Engineering degree are needed to submit CDRReport for the migration skills assessment. Engineers who want to work and live in Australia for better prospects have to get approval from engineers Australia through the Migration skills evaluation process.

MSA Recognize the qualifications either from designated Australia institutions of higher learning or from the institutions based in countries that are a full participant of the Washington accord, Sydney accord, or Dublin accord. Candidates/ engineers belonging to countries other than those mentioned in the accords above must submit CDR for skills assessment.  

 Documents While Uploading Competency Demonstration Report To EA Portal

  • Three career episodes. (CE’s)
  • The Summary statement.
  • Continuing Professional Development (CPD)
  • Curriculum Vitae.
  • Employment Letters.
  • Academic credentials.
  • English proficiency results, such as ILETS, TOEFEL.
  • Identification documents.

Occupational Categories / Anzsco Code

  • (1) Professional Engineer:
  •  Academic qualification: 4 years of a degree of engineering after 12 years of schooling.
  • Should be able to put in management skills and focus on the overall system.
  • A systematic approach to Engineering Projects.
  • Able to bid established engineering methods to complex engineering methods.
  • (2) Engineering Technologist:
  • Academic qualification: 3 years of degree in technology after 12 years of schooling.
  • She/he is expected to focus on the interaction within the system.
  • Should be able to apply established engineering methods within the technology domain.
  • (3) Engineering Associate:
  • Academic qualification: 2 years of an advanced diploma or associate degree in engineering after 12 years of schooling.
  • Should be able to focus on a specific element of the system.
  • Able to prepare, interpret, inspect, and revises drawings, plans, diagrams, designs, maps, and charts.
  • Able to provide technical support to Professional Engineers.


  • (4) Engineering Manager:
  •  Academics qualification- Bachelor’s Degree in engineering or a related field after 12 years of schooling.
  • Reviews Engineering operations.
  • Able to formulate strategies, policies, and plan in the field of engineering.

Two Main Assessments of Engineers Australia are as follows:-

  • Your Engineering Skills Assessment– EA has laid out clear guidelines in the MSA booklet on how they would be assessing engineering skills.
  • Proficiency of English language– you are expected to show your English language proficiency by submitting your IELTS or TOEFL, PTE Academic scores.

How To Write The Best CDR Report Are As Follows:-


Read the MSA Booklet.

It provides all the information about the guidelines and conditions required to produce an error-free CDR.

Avoid Plagiarism.

Do not copy-paste the CDR content from sample CDR or published materials as the EA strictly prohibits it.

Maintain the original Documents

Keep evidence of all your academic degrees, such as authentic certificates, testimonials, and other information provided in the CDR.


According to the EA, your CDR should be written in Australian and British English.

Avoid over enhancing any data.

Keep the CDR Document within the word limit.

Define your suitability for a position.

A candidate should ensure the authorities that he has what they are looking for by highlighting the required skills for better assessment.

Highlight Yourself.

CDR is always written in first person and active voice. The document is all about you, so add on all the right achievement to hit the right spot at the right time.

Career Episodes Report (CERs)

  • Each career episode should maintain a word limit of 1500 to 2500 words.
  • The career episode must emphasize the explanation of technical responsibilities (personal role in the project) so that your details of engineering knowledge and experience can be seen from it.
  • The first-person portrayal must be used during the CEs, and unnecessary information in your CE is must avoided.

Summary Statement For CDR Australia 

  • The first person portrayal must be used just as career episodes.
  • Each competency section mentioned in the format must be noted
  • The summary statement should be written in more than 900 words.

CPD (Continuing Professional Development) For CDR Australia

  • For enlisting the professional development-oriented activities to use the table format.
  • All the regular activities, including education, work experience, internship, training, certifications, must be included in a liner sequence based on the date of those activities.
  • You can also include some informal activities like short courses and online training.

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