Career Episode Telecommunications Engineer-Anzsco 263311

Telecommunications engineers need to prepare competency demonstration reports for engineers Australia to immigrate to Australia. It is the only option for aspiring engineers to get engineering job opportunities in an overseas company. A competency report is a medium to demonstrate competencies and skills in the selected occupation for the migration skills assessment. According to the efficiency of the reports, the assessor EA selects candidates. A CDR comprises three elements, including the career episode, the lengthiest and key assessable part of the competency report.

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The significance of organizing CDR assessment

A CDR assessment process is organized to assess the engineering abilities, skills, and experiences of aspiring engineers. In the assessment process, the assessor Engineers Australia assesses the competency elements of the applicants through the competency reports. All aspiring engineers give their best in preparing their competency reports in order to get approval for Australian immigration. The assessor EA approves only the eligible candidates whose competency reports cater to all requirements. So, it is the fairway to choose the best candidates for Australian immigration.

Occupational category selection

For exhibiting your competency elements in the right direction, you must select the occupational type given in the MSA booklet. EA distributes the occupation in different categories to file a competency report that are:

  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering technologist
  • Engineering associate
  • Engineering manager

How To Write Career Episode For Telecommunication Engineer?

You need to create three telecommunication engineer’s career episodes where you need to describe the engineering activities to show your competencies and skills efficiently. Remember, each occupation must display the distinct aspects of engineering tasks. You need to explain what you did and how you accomplished that task. Each career episode’s narrative should focus on how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation.

The three career episodes should describe the different aspects of your engineering activity that are:

  • The narrative of the first career episode should focus on engineering skills and knowledge base.
  • The second career episode should be on engineering application ability.
  • The third career episode should focus on professional and personal attributes.

How to create an EA-acceptable career episode?

  • Note the essential points that you researched on the CDR and that you have thought to include before you start writing your career episodes.
  • Each narrative should be around 1000 words to 2500 words.
  • You must write each the entire career episodes using the first-person singular pronoun and active voice.
  • You should explain the work experience with the support of the evidence or document of the employment.
  • Keep in mind to number each paragraph of the career episodes to point them out later in the summary statement.

Selection of the engineering projects

You must choose the projects to define your engineering activity before you start writing your career episodes. You need to select a separate project for defining each career episode. You can select the project from the engineering work you did or the engineering project you are currently working on. You can also choose the project based on the engineering tasks that you have done as a part of your educational program.

Career episode’s writing procedure

You must write each career episode in a required order or format comprising four sections such that:

  • Introduction: In this section, you must introduce the career episode, speaking about the dates and duration of the career episodes, the name of the organization, and its location.
  • Background: This section should explain the nature and objective of the project, the nature of the working area, and your position in the project.
  • Personal engineering activity: In this section, you should explain the actual work done by you. It must comprise the details of the engineering activity, such as how you applied your engineering skills and knowledge, the challenges you faced in the project and how you handled that, and the technical problem you solved.
  • Summary: This section should highlight your engineering activity in the project. It includes your role and contribution to the project and how the project fared in fulfilling the goal.

Duties of a telecommunication engineer in Australia- ANZSCO: 263311

  • Plan, design, develop, configure, and commission telecommunication devices, networks, and systems.
  • Ensure that telecommunications systems interconnect with equipment from different manufacturers, service providers, and users.
  • Determine the type and arrangement of circuits, circuits-breaker, transformers, and transmission lines and equipment.
  • Monitor maintenance of telecommunication equipment.
  • Develop, maintain and implement disaster recovery plans to ensure business continuity.
  • Evaluate and procure new products and services from vendors.

The average salary of a telecommunications engineer in Australia (ANZSCO: 263311)

Telecommunications engineers in Australia get better job opportunities and salaries in Australia that attracts the engineers for Australian immigration. The average annual salary of a telecommunications engineer in Australia stands at AU$70,680. The wage that migrants engineers get in Australia varies as per experiences and skills. The salary ranges from AU$50K to AU$124K.

Tips to make an impactful competency report to avoid cdr report rejection

  • The essential thing is to get familiar with the Engineers Australia guidelines and procedures by reading the MSA booklet published by EA.
  • You must present each section of the competency report in a coherent form.
  • Avoid grammar and punctuation errors and use Australian English while writing your competency report.
  • You can use other CDR samples for reference purposes but do not plagiarize any information from any sources because EA completely prohibits plagiarism. If EA finds your report plagiarized from any sources, your report may be rejected, and your candidatures may be canceled for a year.

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