CDR Report for Telecommunication Engineer

There is a huge no of aspiring and qualified telecommunications engineers from various parts of the world who plan to migrate to Australia to get a telecommunication engineering job in a giant Australian IT or telecommunication organization/company.

The Telecom industry is remarked as one of the most flourishing and developing enterprises that facilitate people’s smooth communication across varied distances. Nowadays, business is expanding far and wide; it becomes crucial for telecommunication channels to evolve so that international businesses can operate without transmitting or receiving data from the cloud. This is regarded as the core function area of the telecommunications engineers work in.

Who Is Telecommunication Engineers In Australia?

Telecommunications Engineers use their technical skills to provide a range of services and engineering solutions revolving around various communications and information transfer modes like wireless telephone services, radio and satellite communications, internet and broadband technologies. Their primary work is to design, install, construct, support, and service all the telecommunication items, equipment, and services.

How To Write Career Episode For Telecommunication Engineer?  Get Professional Help

The networking and telecommunications field is growing faster, and dedicated professionals with enough skills are required to design, develop and manage systems, connect smart sensors that track our environment, send broadband signals and switch data packets using networks.

Australia has seen a quick change in this field owing to the extensive use of high-speed fiber optic cabling and dependence on mobile telecommunication services. Moreover, the Australian telecommunication industry’s deregulation challenges the traditional monopolies, replacing them with fiber optic data transmission, which requires considerable research and advanced equipment design. The employment chances are really good for engineers in this field, which facilitates quick digital information exchange.

Ask An Professional Expert Help On Sample CDR Report

Telecommunication Engineer

A competency demonstration report is a personalized technical report that enables engineers to exhibit their engineering skills and qualifications to join and work in Australia’s engineering job.

Being a telecommunication engineer who wishes to stay and work in Australia, you have to draft a custom-tailored CDR report for Australian immigration for submission to Engineers Australia.

A CDR Report has the following components such as:-

  • Three Career Episodes.
  • Summary Statement.
  • Continuing Professional Development Report.
  • Resume
  • Personal identification Documents.

Career Episodes are a mixture of a report that contains an applicant’s Engineering knowledge or work experience gained during their tenure. Each Career Episode can be divided into four sections.

Introduction– it is written in about 50 to 100 words.

Applicants can include the dates and duration of the project or appointment you are writing about.

Name of the employing organization and location of the worksite

Title of the position you occupied.

Background– This section is written in about 200-500 words.

Nature and objectives of the overall engineering projects

Nature of your particular work area

An organization chart highlighting your position

Personal Engineering Activities– this section is written in about 500 to 1000 words.

An elaborate description of the work you execute individually

Technical details of the project work/ task

How you applied your engineering knowledge and capabilities

The tasks assigned to you and how you went about achieving them

Any specific engineering issues you encountered and how you resolved them

Strategies you come up with, including any original or creative design work.

How you worked with other team members

Summary Statement Telecommunication Engineer

This section is written in about 50-100 words. It demonstrates the following parameters related to the knowledge, skill base, engineering application ability, professional and personal attributes, etc.

It can include information such as:-

Your view of the gross project (Short summary)

How well the project flourishes in meeting its objectives and requirements.

How your individual role contributed to the project

Continuing Professional Development Report

CPD is basically a list together with all professional training courses you have done since your engineering degree courses. You can just create a three-column table for presenting this information, including activity, date, and hours.

It can include information such as:-

  • Any post-graduation courses you have applied or completed.
  • Private study (books, magazines, etc.)
  • Service to your engineering field (volunteer work, mentoring, etc.)
  • Conference or workshops you have attended and the research papers you have submitted.
  • Presentation materials you have written for short courses, seminars, or publications.

Average Salary Package

An entry-level telecommunication engineer with less than one year of experience can expect to earn 55,622 AUD$ annually, whereas professionals with 1-4 years of experience can earn up-to 66,012 AUD$ annually.

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Telecommunication Engineers are required to plan, build, design, configure and commission telecommunications devices, networks, and systems, such as voice, radio, two-way data, microwave, satellite, and digital data systems.
  • They are needed to ensure that telecommunications systems are interconnected with equipment from different manufacturers, service providers, and users.
  • They are required to compile engineering project proposals, defining goals, identifying the scope, needs, backgrounds, parts, services, and costs.
  • They are required to procure and evaluate new products and services from the vendors.
  • Telecommunications Engineers are needed to ensure compliance with laws, regulations, policies, and procedures in the provision of telecommunication systems.
  • They must select and develop new telecommunications sites by locating sites, filling documents, drawing up documents for approval, drafting construction drawings, and following through to support.
  • They are also required to determine appropriate configurations of telecommunications hardware and software, ensuring the desired performance of telecommunication equipment
  • They are required to prepare and interpret specifications, drawings, and regulations for the use of telecommunications equipment.
  • Telecommunication engineers are needed to determine the type and arrangement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines, and equipment.
  • They must monitor telecommunications systems to assess the need for updates, upgrades, enhancements, preventive maintenance, and new systems.
  • They are also required to assess system hardware and software performance levels to project future needs and develop short and long-term plans for updating equipment, adding capabilities, enhancing existing systems, and providing improved telecommunications.

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