Career Episode Telecommunication Field Engineer – Anzsco 313212

A telecommunications field engineer has to write a competency demonstration report to get an engineering job in foreign companies. A competency report is a medium of getting a migration visa for Australia. With the help of a competency report, candidates exhibit their competencies and skills in the selected occupational field for skill assessment. A competency report includes three components, such as three career episodes, a CPD report, and a summary statement. Most of the candidates struggle to create their competency report, and so they want to take help from CDR report writers.

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Why Is CDR Assessment Needed for Engineers Australia?

CDR assessment helps the assessor in selecting the best candidates for the occupation. As per the mentioned competencies and skills in the competency report, the assessor finds suitable candidates. It is the fairway to select engineers for Australian immigration. The CDR assessment gives equal opportunities to all candidates who want to immigrate to Australia. The assessor Engineers Australia a team of professional engineers, evaluates the competencies and skills of engineers through their competency reports to know whether the candidates are eligible for immigrating to Australia or not.

Selection of occupational field

Engineers Australia provides four occupational categories to write your competency report. Before you begin, you need to select your occupational category. You can choose your occupation from the following:

  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering technologist
  • Engineering associate
  • Engineering manager

How To Prepare Career Episodes Telecommunication Fields Engineer ?

Career episode refers to your engineering work experiences and engineering studies. You need to write three career episodes based on your engineering aptitude and knowledge. Each career episode must exhibit a different perspective of your engineering activity. Each career episode must focus on how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in the nominated occupation. You need to write each career episode on different engineering aspects, such that:

  • The first career episode should be based on the engineering knowledge and skill base.
  • The second career episode should be based on the engineering application ability.
  • The third career episode should be based on professional and personal attributes.

Tips For Writing Three Career Episodes

  • You must write career episodes in your words using Australian English as there is a similarity between Australian and British English.
  • You must write each narrative in the first-person singular number and active voice form.
  • Do not forget to number each paragraph of each career episode so that you can refer to them in the summary statement.
  • You should write each career episode in around 1000 words to 2500 words.
  • Do not mention a large number of technical materials.

Selection of Projects

career episode Writing, engineers have to select their occupational categories for describing their engineering activity. You can select your project from the engineering project that you have performed or are currently working on. You need to choose three projects for writing each career episode separately. You can also choose the particular task you have done in your bachelor’s and masters as a part of your educational program.

Format of career episodes

  • Each career episode should contain the four sections that should be:
  • Introduction: It introduces the reader to the career episode that includes the date and duration of the career episode and the name and location of the place where you acquired experiences.
  • Background: It sets the scene and provides details about the nature and objective of the project, the nature of the particular workplace, and the organizational structure highlighting your role.
  • Personal engineering activity: It demonstrates the engineering activities that you completed or are presently working on. It should show what you did and how you did that work, how you handled the challenging situation, and how you completed the work given to you.
  • Summary: It summarizes your impressions of the engineering activity. It should include your view of the overall project and how the project fared in meeting the goals.

Telecommunications engineer’s duties and tasks in Australia

  • Configure and integrate telecommunication technology and networks with computer hardware, software, desktops, databases, and operating systems.
  • Provide technical suggestions and information and monitor the performance of complex telecommunications networks and equipment.
  • Create and maintains logs of the instruments and conserve the credentials of communication policies, measures, procedures, and guidelines.
  • Install, identify, maintain and repair the failures of the microwave, satellite, and other communication systems.

The salary composition of a telecommunications field engineer in Australia (ANZSCO Code: 313212)

Telecommunications field engineers get a handsome salary along with bonus pay and other perks in Australia. The average annual salary of telecommunication field engineers in Australia stands at AU$62,591. The wages of telecom field engineers in Australia range from AU$57K to AU$79k. The experiences and talents of telecommunications field engineers determine their salaries.

Steps that you must follow to avoid CDR rejection

  • Always write your competency report in the required format and use proper Australian English.
  • You must visit the EA website and read the guidelines and procedures published in the latest MSA booklet to get well aware of writing a CDR.
  • Provide the information in each section in a sequential and coherent form.
  • Your competency report must be original and flawless. Do not plagiarize any information from other sources. EA does not accept and approve any plagiarized competency reports.
  • Demonstrate your competencies and skills effectively and efficiently in the competency report to get the attention of EA.

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