CDR For Telecommunication Field Engineer

A Telecom field engineer (ANZSCO Code is 313212) is a media transmission engineer who handles telecom frameworks. Their obligations incorporate introducing, testing, and appointing media transmission gadgets like exchanging, switches, fringe hardware, and information correspondence frameworks. The job likewise requests directing field overviews, prepare specialized reports, checking information correspondence frameworks, tending to solve issues, and observing adaptation to non-critical failures. A four-year degree in software/computer engineering is required to turn into a telecom filed engineer with great client assistance aptitude.

The telecommunication field engineers are responsible for examining new network technologies and offering suggestions regarding integration. The engineers have to confirm network availability and provide necessary maintenance and support to the telecommunication systems. They have to schedule, plan, and play an operative role in the equipment installations: the professional’s design and conduct network test and assessment activities.

The Telecommunication Field Engineer (ANZSCO Code is 313212) will take care of the information management coordination. The professionals will have to execute system-level design and configuration of products and create solution designs, such as drawings and design documents. They offer guidance to reduce design complexity and costing. The professionals should have an extensive understanding of existing and emerging technologies.

How To Write CDR Report For Telecommunication Field Engineer? Get An Expert Help

A competency demonstration report, also known as CDR Report, is a technical document that showcases you’re engineering knowledge and competencies as an engineer to Engineers Australia that has to meet Australian Standards. A CDR Report includes several documents such as three career Episodes, a summary statement, a continuing professional development report, an updated resume, and personal identification documents along with academic and work experience credentials.

Job Description

  • Telecommunication Field Engineer is specialized in several areas such as voice, data, fiber optics, radio, and satellites.
  • They will oversee telephony systems regularly and work in coordination with the internal and external stakeholders.
  • They activate escalation procedures to provide the necessary support when required.
  • They also coordinate and conduct preventive maintenance activities.
  • Telecommunication Field Engineer will operate, monitor, and improve the telephony systems. They must secure the service standards defined in the operation-level and service level agreement.
  • They are required to handle network protection schemes, network synchronizations, and bandwidth availability.

Ask A Professional Help On Sample CDR Report

Telecommunication Field Engineer

Career Episodes is the main component of your CDR Report. Its primary purpose is to highlight an applicant’s engineering skills in an acceptable format. Each career episode is meant to deliver a specific period of an applicant’s engineering period or institutional degree experiences. This must be written on your own based on your recent work experience and must be in the Australian English language. Candidates can also showcase their problems while working on their project and the steps taken to overcome them. They should be composed in a paragraph structure such as (1.1, 2.1, and 3.1)

The four main components of a Career Episode are as follows:-

Introduction section– 100 words

  • The chronology- the time and duration of each career episode.
  • The geographical location where the experience was obtained.
  • The name of the organization.
  • The title of the position you occupied.

Background Section– 200-500 words

  • The nature of the overall engineering project
  • The objectives of the project.
  • The nature of your particular work area.
  • A statement of your duties.

Personal Engineering activity– 500 to 1000 words

  • How you applied your engineering knowledge and capabilities.
  • The task delegated to you and how you went about accomplishing them;
  • Any particular technical difficulties/problems you encountered and how you solved them
  • Strategies devised by you, including any original or creative design work
  • How you worked with other team members.

Summary Statement – 50 to 100 words

  • your view of the overall project,
  • How the project fared in meeting the goals/ requirements
  • How your personal role contributed to the project.

Continuing Professional Development Report

Continuing professional development report (CPD) is considered anything that helps you enlarge your knowledge, maintain up-to-date technical skills, and progress your engineering career. Engagement in CPD activities can also grow your professional networks and contacts. CPD is required to attain and maintain Charted Status.

  • Service to your engineering field (volunteer work, mentoring, etc.)
  • Conference or workshops you have attended and the research papers you have submitted.
  • Private study (books, magazines, etc.)
  • Presentation materials you have written for short courses, seminars, or publications.
  • Any post-graduation courses you have applied or completed.

Average Salary Package 

The average salary of a telecommunication field engineer is 120,436 AUD$ per year.

 Roles and responsibilities

  • Telecommunication Field Engineer is required to maintain, install, repair, and diagnose malfunctions of telemetry, multiplexing, microwave, satellite, and other radio or electromagnetic wave communication system.
  • They must configure and integrate network and telecommunication technology with computer software, hardware, desktops, peripherals, databases, and operating systems.
  • They are required to develop a recording log of details, locations, and status of inventories, parts, equipment, and instrument and maintain the documentation of communication policies, procedures, guidelines and regulations, and quality standards.
  • They are required to provide technical advice and information, monitoring the performance of complex telecommunications networks and equipment.
  • Telecommunication Field Engineer is required to plan the development of customer access telecommunications network infrastructure.
  • They must cooperate with vendors, suppliers, service providers, and external resources and monitor contractual obligations and performance delivery.
  • They provide on-going operational support in designing, optimizing, troubleshooting, diagnosing, and repairing telecommunication network performance malfunctions, defects, and faults.

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