Career Episode Mechanical Engineer

Mechanical engineers who aspire to get engineering jobs in foreign companies have to create a CDR report which comprises three elements like a continuing professional development report (CPD), three career episodes, and a summary statement. Through a competency report, you need to demonstrate your engineering knowledge, skills, abilities, and experiences in the selected occupation. According to the efficiency of your CDR report, Engineers Australia gives approval.

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Why is CDR Assessment Required By Engineers Australia (EA)?

A CDRReport is a mandatory document required to show engineering abilities and experiences for migration skills assessment. CDR assessment is required to identify and analyze the engineering abilities of candidates. Through a competency report, Engineers Australia assesses the competency elements of engineers to look at whether they are able to get the job or not.

Engineers Australia (EA), a team of professional and skilled engineers, looks for the advancement of the engineering field within Australia and a member of the Washington Accord. To motive behind assessing the competency report is to choose suitable candidates for each occupational category.

Occupational Categories For  Mechanical CDR Report Writing – Anzsco 233512

There are four types of occupational categories through which you can apply for migration skills assessment. You need to select your occupational category among the four occupation categories:

  • Professional engineer,
  • Engineering technologist,
  • Engineering associate and
  • Engineering manager.

After choosing the relevant occupational category, you need to demonstrate your skills and competencies in the selected occupation.

 Projects Selections

You need to write three career episodes for which the selection of projects is a must. You have to write each career episode on a specific and different project. Your career episode must be based on:

  • An engineering work undertaken as part of your educational program in bachelors and masters;
  • The project work which you have worked on or presently working on;
  • You can select your projects from both the education program and the engineering tasks you have experienced while working as an engineer.

You need to write each career episode in essay form and number each paragraph in each of your career episodes to refer to them later in the summary statement.

How To Compose Mechanical Engineer Career Episodes For Engineers Australia (EA)?

Career episodes describe your engineering education and work experience. Each career episode must focus on a distinct aspect of your engineering activities and how you applied your engineering knowledge, abilities, and skills in the selected occupation. You need to write all your career episodes in first-person singular pronoun and active voice, for example, ‘I designed,’ ‘I planned,’ etc. You must write each career episode using Australian English and in your own words. It should act as evidence of your communication skill to your assessor.

Format Career Episodes Of Writing

Each career episode should comprise approx. 1000 to 2500 words and must follow a required format that includes:

  1. Introduction: It includes the date and duration of a career episode, location where the experience was gained, name of the organization. You can detail it in approx. 100 words.
  2. Background: It includes the nature of the engineering project and particular working area. It should highlight your role in relation to the career episodes and comprise around 200 to 500 words.
  3. Personal engineering activity: this is the key assessable component that must describe the actual work performed by you in detail. You must clearly demonstrate your role and contribution to the project. It should include 500 to 100 words and the following:
  • How you accomplished the task given to you;
  • How you applied your engineering skills, knowledge, and abilities;
  • Any difficulties that you faced and how you solved them;
  1. Summary: This section shows your impressions of the engineering activity, your role and personal contribution to the project, and your view of the overall project. It should include approx. 100 words.

Mechanical Engineer’s Roles And Responsibilities in Australia

The mechanical engineer has to perform the following tasks:

  • Design industrial equipment, machinery, components, and products for the products and construction requirements;
  • Supervise mechanical production systems and processes;
  • Perform the labor-related program like project management, organizing, and delivery of equipment, plant, and material;
  • Establish the methods and policies derived from the company to ensure the testing, control of the quality, installation, and rules and regulation in all aspect;
  • Coordinate the activity of the manufacturer and schedule the details of the program;
  • Coordinate operation and maintenance of systems and mechanical equipment.

Mechanical Engineer’s Salary in Australia

Migrant mechanical engineers get a high pay salary in Australia compared to other foreign countries. In Australia, engineers get an average annual salary of AU$72,899. They also get a decent bonus with a salary. The yearly salary ranges from AU$55K to 110k. Salary of mechanical engineers increases as per experiences. Engineers get wages in Australia on per weekly basis and also on per yearly basis.

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