CDR Report for Mechanical Engineer – Anzsco Code 233512

A Competency demonstration report is an essential document submitted by engineering professionals who want to migrate to Australia to search for a job. This report is being presented to the Engineers Australia (governing body) for the procedure of skill evaluation. Engineers Australia provides engineering candidates with an opportunity to showcase their knowledge and skills to match Australian standards. The report’s primary purpose is to covey the EA’s assessor that the applying applicants are a valuable addition to their pool of engineers. The CDR Report for mechanical engineers comprises all the required documents as per EA guidelines, such as

  • three career episodes,
  • continuing professional development report,
  • summary statement.

Anzsco Code: 233512 – Mechanical engineers are in huge demand in Australia as its economy is expediently growing in industrial, mechanical, and production sectors. The Australian government is giving migration visas to mechanical engineers to reduce its shortage of engineers and overcome the project’s delays. Mechanical engineers are used to constructing machines such as generators, gas and steam-turbines motors, etc.; they have to structure, plan, short-out, regulates the tasks of mechanical procedure plants and establishments. They specialize in planning structures of different machines, including elevators, and they may also have specialization in air conditioning, heating, or ventilation engineering.

How To Write Three CDR Report For Mechanical Engineering?

As we know, a #CDRReport is used to showcase individual skills and knowledge. It requires a detailed presentation of your work that helps the EA to assess your competency skills and skills in design. During the design work, the candidates have to present all the necessary calculations and various design documentations. The applicants have to demonstrate all professional elements required by the engineers Australia in their CDRReport. They have to present both his technical and interpersonal skills providing clients with projects carried out in a timely and effective manner.

Mechanical Engineering Career Episode Report

 A career episode is a recorded segment of your designing training and additional work experience which catches a specific period or particular part of your building action.

  • The required word limit for the career episode writing is 1500 to 2500 words.
  • It should be written in Australian English and in an essay format.

The three sub-parts of a career episode are mentioned below:- 

  • Introduction- in this, you will write the time period from which you have started working to the end; you will also mention your company/organization name, project objectives, location of your project, and position while working on that project in a precise manner.
  • Background info of the career episodes– This section will deliver a detailed presentation of all your individual skills. You can write activities that you performed and how you do that specific activity along with the technical difficulties you faced while mentioning the suggestions that you come up with to overcome the difficulties. In the background, you can write around below given topics such as:-
  1. Description of the project.
  2. Objectives of the projects.
  3. Explanation of your work areas.
  4. You’re ranking in the organizational chart.
  5. Roles and responsibilities that are handed over to you.
  • Personal engineering activities- you have to present a detailed presentation of your roles during the job work. Don’t add too much technical info; try to add proper graphs, calculations, or drawings to support your claims. Write creative strategies you come up with to overcome a difficulty during your project, and lastly, always remember to showcase your leadership skills in your Career episode report.

Summary Statement For Engineers Australia-

in the summary statement, the applicants have to submit all the mechanical engineer’s competency elements (ANZSCO Code is 233512). There are cross-references in the summary statement to the career episodes’ relevant paragraphs, as explained in the migration skill assessment booklet. The summary statement should be in complete accordance with today’s requirements of Engineers Australia.

CPD For Engineers Australia:-

CPD report is also a sub-section of your CDR Report. This report is submitted to engineers Australia to showcase that the applicant is well aware of his branch’s development. This report must be provided in a list form. You can include several topics such as:-

  • Conference or workshops you have attended and the research papers you have submitted.
  • Presentation materials you have written for short courses, seminars, or publications.
  • Service to your engineering field (volunteer work, mentoring, etc.)
  • Any post-graduation courses you have applied or completed.
  • Private study (books, magazines, etc.)

Job Responsibilities in Australia 


  • Able to study organizational charts, functioning statements, and project information to determine workers and work units’ functions.
  • Establishing work measurement programs and analyzing work samples to develop standards for labor utilization.
  • Able to design mechanical equipment, machines, components, products for manufacture, and plant and systems for construction.
  • Able to create specifications for the manufacture and determine materials, equipment piping, materials flow, plans, capabilities, and system layout.
  • Regularly inspect the workplace to ensure optimum performance is maintained.
  • Able to establish standards and policies for installation, modifications, quality control, inspection and testing, and maintenance according to the engineering principles and regulations.
  • Able to present PC helped structure/displaying programming.

 Salary Packages in Australia

The salary of the mechanical engineer in Australia is configured with weekly terms and also by annual terms.

  • The weekly term at approximate value is 1718 AUD$, and
  • the average yearly period is 92,500 AUD$.

A salary varies from the occupational categories selected by the candidate.

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