CDR Rejected By Engineers Australia

Competency Demonstration Report, or commonly known as CDR, is an important aspect that impacts Australia’s engineer profile. Working as an engineer in Australia has become necessary to show your skills in a way that you can easily hire.

CDR report is required by those professionals that want to migrate to Australia and work as an engineer. This report is a collection of documents that informs about your skills regarding engineering and fluency in the English language. Engineers Australia, the prime governing body for hiring immigrant engineers in Australia, publishes the migration skills assessment booklet. You have to confirm that your CDR is in line with the specification and guidelines mentioned there in the MSA Booklet. By not following the guidelines/ recommendations mentioned in the MSA Booklet will lead to your CDR Rejected by Engineers Australia.

Why CDR Reports Are Being Rejected Now A Days?

  • The determined word limit for each career episode is 1000 to 2500 words. Inside these word limits, you will have to provide all the related information and address all the engineer’s Australia competency issues. Steer clear of including too many technical details with calculations, diagrams, etc. Often, the applicants with a good profile fail to get positive assessment because they give in large amounts of unnecessary data.
  • According to the engineers, Australia Skill assessment booklet, deceptive and false information is a major breach of ethical behavior. Therefore, never copy or steal project details from someone else are CDR, CDR samples, or any other internet sources/ articles.
  • Plagiarism is a pivotal issue when it comes to Engineers Australia (EA) Migration Skills Assessment. CDR report must be established on your original work based on your projects and engineering profile.
  • The technical design activities in your CDR Report will increase your chances of positive assessment. Likewise, the absence of designing experience may act as a massive obstruction towards the positive evaluation of your CDR.
  • The three career episode of CDR is an important aspect. The career episode must express what you did and outline how you did it, highlighting your own individual role and not about the teamwork. Career episodes must be written to specify your personal role by using the first person singular in your career episode.
  • It must be recognized that the CDR report is an official document that can make or break your plans to migrate to Australia. Therefore, one must follow EA’s format and verify that there are no minor/ major mistakes in spelling or in grammar, and the report is in required Australian English.
  • Certify that you are following all the EA Guidelines while writing the CDR.

Keep The Below Documents Ready Before Applying To Avoid CDR Rejection


  • CDR Application Form.
  • A copy of your report with self-attestation.
  • You are required to sign and attest your academic documents duly.
  • A copy of curriculum Vitae.
  • Listing of Continuing Professional Development / CPD.
  • Certificates and scores obtained for TOELF/ IELTS etc.
  • Reports on three Career Episodes.
  • A report includes a summary of your skills and competencies, which are based on the reports on career episodes.
  • A recently taken Passport size photograph.
  • Transcripts of original Academic Documents.
  • If the documents are in other languages, an English translation of them is to be provided.
  • A Valid Passport.