CDR Report For Industrial Engineer

The competency demonstration report, Also known as the CDR, is the entrance for living and working in Australia in various engineering posts. The desiring overseas engineers need to get their CDR Report passed by a team of assessors known as the Engineers Australia (EA).

The EA has set various specializations for the CDR applicants for proving their competencies as engineers in different disciplines. The industrial engineer job comes with specializations in the usage of the personnel, equipment facilities, and materials for operating the procedures. They establish strategies to improve the efficiency of industrial operations.


Industrial Engineering is a trade of engineering which deals with different organizations and systems. They work to eradicate the waste of different things such as money, machine time, time, materials, etc., these are the things which do not produce value. This field works for development and perfection and implements a combined system of people’s knowledge, money, energy, equipment, and information. It also works with the physical, mathematical, and social sciences to combine the methods and principles of engineering to design and evaluate the system process.

The field of industrial engineers (Anzsco 233511) in Australia is a primary projecting module that offers excellent benefits and a perfect working condition for the engineers who belong to the industrial field. The primary purpose of industrial engineers is to contribute their services to the country’s GDP. Australia is one of those countries that proved their existence in advancement across the world. They are always looking forward to hiring skilled engineers to fill up their shortage.

How to Write CDR Reports for Industrial Engineers? Ask An Expert help

CDR report is imperative to spotlight your strengths and abilities rather than your organization/company. EA is more fascinated in knowing you, your abilities, and the work you performed in the company. Hence you should avoid writing about your company at length; just a brief background of your company will solve the purpose. Writing the history, background, values, and beliefs of the company/organization will only make your CDR lengthy and baffling. The focus should be placed on your responsibilities in the company/organization and the rewards and achievements you received during employment periods. You should also be able to authenticate your information and claims with substantial evidence.

A CDR report includes three career episode reports, a continuing professional development report, a summary statement, and personal identification documents.

Three Career Episode reports and their sub-parts are as follows:-

Ask An Expert Help On Sample CDR Report Industrial Engineer

Introduction Section– this part is written in 100 words. It includes the name and location of your organization, your joining date in the company to the resigning date, your position in the company/organization, and a little bit of information about the location or work environment of your site.

Background Section- this part is usually written in 500 to 1000 words. It includes a detailed narration of your project, objectives of your project, detailed description of your work environment, explanation of your organizational ranking chart, specific roles and responsibilities that are handed over to you during your site work.

Personal Engineering Activities– this is the soul of your CDR Report, which is generally written in about 600 to 1200 words. The section should only include your individual skills and competencies that you learned or used during your site work. You can also write here the issues/challenges you faced during the site work, and also you have to mention the creative strategies you have implemented to over that particular issue. For writing an intense career episode, applicants must showcase their leadership skills to create a good impression on Engineers Australia’s assessing body.

Summary Statement

 This section is written in about 50 to 150 words, and it sums up your impressions of the engineering activity and your role in it. You can include your view of the overall project, how your personal role contributed to the project.

CPD Industrial Engineer

CPD report is the mode by which you keep up-to-date with developments in your engineering field after you have gained your undergraduate qualifications.

A CPD Report can include any formal post-graduate study, short courses, workshops, seminars, discussion groups, technical inspections and technical meetings you have attended, any private study or volunteer service to your engineering profession.

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Salaries Package

The full-time minimum average salary of an industrial engineers stands approximately at 60,000AUD$ whereas annual maximum wages stand at 190,000 AUD$

Roles And Responsibilities

  • They must study the functional statements, project information, and organizational charts to determine the responsibilities and functions of the workers and the work units and identify the duplication area.
  • Industrial Engineers are required to establish the work measurement programs with proper work analysis for developing the labor utilization standards.
  • They are required to analyze workforce utilization, operational data, facility layout, cost determination, and production schedules.
  • Able to maintain optimum work conditions and efficient work frequencies.
  • They are required to make links with legal bodies that are responsible for environmental laws.
  • They are also required to check and balance the waste materials. Recommends works and rearrange job functions.
  • Industrial Engineers are required to implement the quality management process.
  • They are required to develop the management and other systems for job evaluations, financial planning, cost analysis, and salary or wage revision.

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