CDR Report For Engineering Technologist

CDR Report is essential for engineering applicants who seek for getting engineering jobs as engineering technologists and other engineering occupation as well in Australia. Through this report, engineers Australia (EA) assesses the communication and writing skills of engineering candidates. Engineering applicants need to demonstrate their engineering skills, abilities, experiences through a competency report for migration skills assessment. Engineers Australia approves only those reports which are well-written and clearly demonstrate the competencies and skills for the selected occupational category. Therefore, getting skilled migration visa for Australia totally depends on how well you have written your engineering documents.

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Engineering Technologist Role And Responsibilities

  • Engineers technologist (Anzsco 233914) have to perform a wide range of functions within a broader technical environments.
  • Often, they are well versed in the practice of engineering technology, especially in its application and management, and interaction with the varieties of context.
  • In these roles, they must focus on the sustainable solutions that optimise environmental, social, technical, and economic outcomes within the technology domain.
  • (Anzsco 233914) Engineering technologists need to interact effectively with professional engineers and engineering associates, and with other clients, tradesperson, stakeholders, professionals and society in general in order to ensure that technology outcomes and developments completely integrate with the overall system.

Steps In Preparing A CDR Report For Engineering Technologist (Anzsco 233914)

When you are going to prepare a competency report, you need to follow some important steps that are:

  • You need to make ready of your personal documents like a passport sized photograph, verified curriculum vitae, prime ID, name change document if available, and English language test results.
  • You must nominate your engineering occupational category
  • You need to submit your academic certificates, transcripts and other relevant academic documents.
  • You need to provide the evidence of employment, if your career episodes are based on engineering occupational experience.
  • You must prepare a CPD report, career episode and summary statement
  • After preparing all the above documents, you can submit your CDR report for migration skills assessment.

Preparation of Continuing Professional Development Report

Engineers need to prepare a continuing professional development report through which they show their development in the field of engineering after completion of the undergraduate studies. Your CPD should not been described more than a page. A CPD report must be in a list format that includes title, dates, duration, and venue of the training. Your CPD list includes the following details:

  • Engineering post graduation study details
  • Workshops, conferences, short courses, discussions groups, technical meeting and technical inspection, and seminars that you have attended
  • Private study that includes the journals, books, manual and etc.

Preparation of Three Career Episode Reports

  • Career episode refers to your engineering education and work experience that you have gained. You need to write three career episodes and each career episode must focus on your engineering activities and abilities. Through your career episodes, engineers Australia assesses how you have applied your engineering skills, knowledge and experiences in the selected occupation.
  • Career episode based on your engineering work experience must be supported with the evidence of employment.
  • To demonstrate three career episodes, you need to select three projects that you are well aware with, and can describe effectively and efficiently in the career episodes.
  • You can describe the projects that you have worked on and currently working on. You must write each career episode in your own words and in English language.
  • Each career episode should comprise a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum 2500 words.
  • Your career episodes clearly demonstrate your engineering competencies and skills for engineering technologists.

Your each career episode must follow a format that comprise four segments that are mentioned below:

  • Introduction: It introduces about the dates and duration of the career episodes as well as the geographical location where the experience has been gained and the name of the organisation.
  • Background: Your background section includes the nature of the overall engineering project and the objective of the projects. Details of your organisational structure showing your position in relation to the career episode. The background section should comprise 200-500 words.
  • Personal engineering activity: It is the key assessable components of your career episode. In this section, you need to explain the project performed by you. You need to explain what you have done and how you have done that projects clearly stating your own role in that project. It should clearly state how you have faced the odd situations in the particular projects and how you have overcome that. It should comprise 500-1000 words.
  • Summary: In each summary, you need to highlight the engineering activity and role in the particular project like how you fulfilled the requirements of that role and responsibilities, and your view of the overall project. It should not be a lengthy one, you need to write the summary under 100 words.

Preparation of Summary Statement Engineering Technologist

After completing your career episodes, you need to analyze them to ensure that you have mentioned all the competency elements for the engineering technologists. And the result of the analysis should be demonstrated in your summary statement.

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