CDR Report For Electronics Engineer

A competency demonstration report, also known as CDR, is the required report for Australia’s skill assessment procedure. Engineers Australia is the evaluating body that oversees the immigration process in Australia. Applicants from around the globe seek EA’s assessment for evaluating their skills and engineering knowledge to work in Australia. EA also publishes a migration skill assessment booklet for the applicants who are willing to take a short for writing a CDR Report.

There are three main components of a CDR Report that includes Three Career Episodes, a Continuing professional development report, and a summary statement along with several personal and professional identification documents.


How To Write a CDR Report for Electronics Engineers? Ask An Expert Help

An electronics engineer (Anzsco 233411) is responsible for designing electronics parts and systems used for communication, computer, and control systems. Their work includes investigating, planning, creating, and testing electronic gear utilized in different frameworks.

Their designs additionally conceptualize and regulate the assembling of correspondence and broadcast frameworks.

They also maintain electronic components,

  • systems,
  • components,
  • circuits used for computer systems,
  • communication systems,
  • entertainment,
  • transport, and
  • other industrial applications.

An electronics engineer (233411) provides the opportunity to deliver new advancements and improvements in telecommunications, robotics, computing hardware, and power and electrical equipment. They have to work with the project managers to ensure that every project is completed on time and within budget. It requires math and science, and engineering knowledge to produce and install, design, and maintain telecommunications systems.

How To Write Career Episode For Electronics Engineers?

A career episode is a crucial part of a CDR report. A candidate needs to present his own skills and knowledge gained during his/her academic studies or during their work experience. It is written in the first person singular with more or less 1000 words to 2500 words. A candidate needs to show their creative side and leadership quality in their Career episode report. EA will strictly assess the level of engineering skills delivered by the applicant through their career episode. Thus an adequately written Career episode report will help a candidate to secure their dream job in Australia.

Ask An Expert Help On Sample CDR Report Electronics Engineer

  • Introduction- this section is the introductory part of your career episode and is written in 100 words. It contains necessary information like the name of the organization you are working for, joining date to the end date, objectives of the project, your ranking in the organization, and your project’s last location.
  • Background information– This part of the career episode is written in 200 to 500 words; it required all your individual skills and knowledge and strategies you applied to deal with the problems faced during the project work. You can circle around these topics such as the project’s interpretation, the project’s motive, description of your work zone, your position in the organization, your role, and responsibilities in the project.
  • Personal engineering activity– This part is usually written in 500 to 1000 words. In this section, you actually describe in detail the actual work performed by you. You should state what you did and describe how you did it. It is not sufficient to explain the activities performed by a team or group. Your own role must be clearly identified. You can circle around these topics, such as the tasks delegated to you and how you went about accomplishing them, strategies devised by you, including any original or creative design work, how you worked with other team members.

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CPD For Electronics Engineer Australia

CPD Report is how you keep up-to-date with your engineering field developments after you gained your undergraduate qualification. This CPD must be provided in the list format (title, date, duration, and venue) and may include details of formal post-graduation study, conferences on which you have to deliver a research paper or attended. Workshops, seminars, discussion groups, short courses you have heard, preparation, and presentation of materials for classes, conferences. Volunteer work or mentoring services to your engineering profession, private study (includes books, journals, manuals.)

 Summary Statement For Electronics Engineer

once you have completed your career episode report for an electronic engineer (Anzsco 233411), you must analyze them to ensure you have addressed all the nominated occupational category’s competency elements. This is usually written in 50 to 100 words. The result of your analysis will be demonstrated in your summary statement.

Roles And Responsibilities

  • Electronics engineers need to design circuits, systems, and electronic components for computers, control systems, and communications, and other industrial applications.
  • They are required to create software, embedded software to be used with such systems.
  • Able to analyze communication traffic and level of services, and determines the type of installation, location layout, and transmission medium for communications systems.
  • To supervise the installation and commissioning of computer, communications, and control systems and ensures proper control and protection methods.
  • Able to develop technology and electronic principles.
  • Able to create a strategy for architecture and electronics design.
  • Able to design electronic modules, new circuits.
  • Able to design communications bearers based on wired, optical fiber, and wireless communication media.
  • Able to develop and create signal processing algorithms and implements these through appropriate choice of hardware and software.
  • Able to establish theoretical designs to develop user-friendly interference.

Salary Package 

An electronics engineer’s median weekly salary is 1778 AUD$, and the median annual salary is 92500 AUD$.