CDR Report For Electrical Engineer

Competency demonstration report called CDR, is a documented testimony that is an essential requirement by the engineers Australia (assessing body for the engineering-related profession) to evaluate different occupations under engineering. It is the document to assess engineers’ engineering degrees from such institutions or countries that are not members of the Sydney accord, Washington accord, or Dublin accord.

For the competency assessment, you need some key documents that include: – Three career episode reports, a Continuing professional document report, a summary statement, and personal identification documents.

How To Write CDR Report For Electrical Engineers (Anzsco 233311)?

Electrical engineers (Anzsco Code 233311) prepare and draft technical drawings of wiring and circuit systems. They usually work on projects related to power transmission and generations rather than on consumer-scale electrical projects. Electrical drafters are likely to work closely with architects and engineers to develop specifications and translate them into functional documents that guide electrical wirings’ installation and maintenance. Many electrical drafters also develop specifications sheets, and documentation related to power transmission and wring.

In simple words, we can define an electrical engineer as one who designs, construct, supervises the manufacture, installation, operation, and maintenance of equipment, distribution, utilization, and control of electrical power.

Electrical engineers in Australia are required in several areas:

  • electrical power equipment manufacture and
  • installation, Power Supplies Company,
  • telecommunications sector, etc.


How To Write Career Episode For Electrical Engineer (Anzsco 233311)?

Career episode offers extensive information on past students’ academic histories, career paths, and engineering projects. Students must choose one of the occupational groups, such as

  • professional engineers,
  • engineering technicians,
  • engineering associates, and
  • engineering managers.

In other words, we can utter that a career episode describes different zones experiences of your professional life that you have faced in an institution or a company. It represents your position or an engineering project in which you have participated. It involves three independent career episodes to be written on three different projects that engineers may have undertaken during their final term or an internship program or as a part of work experience. This report should enlighten the reviewers of your engineering knowledge and skills for the chosen occupation and how you can fit into it. This report is required to be written in 1000 to 2500 words and in the first-person singular.

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Introduction- this part of the career episode is generally written in 100 words; it contains information like Name and motive of your project, location of the project, your position in the company, joining date to ending date of your site work in a precise manner.

Background information- this zone in the career episode is written in 200 to 500 words. It may use materials from an engineering task undertaken as a part of your educational program. A project you operated on or are currently working on. A particular position that you occupied or currently occupy (in this case, the career episode must comprise more than a mere duty statement)—a particular engineering problem you were required to solve.

Personal Engineering activity- this section is written in 500 to 1000 words. In each career, the episode must clearly demonstrate the application of engineering knowledge and skills in the engineering discipline. That is a state, what you did, and how you did it, with emphasis on your own personal actions, e.g., “I designed, or I investigated.” Excessive technical details such as diagrams, calculations, graphs) are not required, but in order to support your claims, you can add them. For showcasing your personal engineering activity in each career episode, you should emphasize any engineering problems identified and any particular problem-solving techniques used by you. The motive of this is to assess the nature of the contribution you may have made to the engineering project or task-particularly if that contribution was novel or critical to the project’s implementation.

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CPD Report For Electrical Engineer

The Engineers Australia requires a CPD report for skilled migration assessment. This report presents the engineering candidates’ relevancy in their subject field. CDP is a group of documents that shows skills, knowledge, and experience that a candidate gained formally and informally beyond initial training.

CPD report must be in a form list format with the following essential information, such as

  • conferences you have attained or
  • research papers you have written for the conferences.
  • Workshops,
  • seminars,
  • group discussions,
  • short courses you have heard.
  • Volunteer work or mentoring service to your engineering profession.

 Any formal post-graduate study or short courses you have studied.

Summary Statement For Electrical Engineer

Once you have written the career episode for the electrical engineer (Anzco Code is 233311),

  • it is generally written in 50 to 100 words. The CDR report’s summary statement is the most critical section of your CDR Report as it the cross-reference of your skills mentioned in career episodes.
  • It explains that your capabilities in the job are suitable for the nominated category.

Roles And Responsibility

  • Electrical engineers are required to create designs by using CADD.
  • They are required to prepare diagrams and plans for electrical installation and circuitry.
  • Able to perform complex calculations.
  • Able to assist electrical engineers and engineering technologists in design.
  • They are required to monitor the installation effects and arrangement of equipment.
  • Able to install and maintain massive transformers, electrical circuits, disconnections’ etc.
  • Able to supervise power stations’ operation and maintenance, transmissions, distribution systems, and industrial parts.
  • They are required to determine the types and arrangement of circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines, and other equipment.
  • Able to produce drawing sets and assembling documentation packages.
  • They are required to establish delivery and installation schedules for machines, switchgear, cables, and fittings.

Salary Package For Electrical Engineer in Australia

An entry-level electrical engineer with a minimum of five years of experience will draw a salary up to 68000 AUD$. In contrast, candidates with 5-10 years of experience will draw a salary up to 90000 AUD$. If a candidate possesses experience of around 10-20 years, they will gain of 91000 AUD$.