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Engineers Australia (EA) is an organisation that has been authorised by the Immigration Department and Border Protection. The main reason for authorisation is to assist in providing an opinion on the applicant’s skills and talents for the employment purposes. This process is a part of engineers Australia skills assessment. The decision for awarding the number of points by the applicant’s skills is taken by the Immigration Department and Border Protection case officers and officials. They may find the need and necessity to review and go through the claims by one of the particular employee or the applicant’s employment that may be confirmed and gained through the process of formal assessment. Mentioning the work experience of the candidate or applicant is necessary. It assists him in claiming points which gives a hyper rise in the chances of acquiring a migration visa and an Engineering job in the relevant field or department. Not mentioning the experience of work of the candidate may lead to delay in the application. This process of work assessment should be carried out along with the CDR report. Here is a step by step guide for writing CDR report Help Australia that may help you in getting your Migration Skills Assessment Australia start as soon as possible;

  • Go through the Migration Skills Assessment booklet.
  • Search for the relevant assessment pathway for you.
  • The next step is to start collecting documents.
  • Now go to the Application user guide.
  • Sign in or create an account for Engineers Australia.
  • The next step is to log-in to the portal. Then go to the Migration Skills Assessment option.
  • Now begin to lodge your application.

CDR Report Help For Engineers Australia

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Engineers Australia recognises the employment that are strictly related or relevant to the ANZSCO code and that have received a successful skills assessment results. The job should have been carried out with an appropriate bachelor degree. The suitable skilled employment works by the details, information, references and other evidence that is attached or provided with the initial report or application. Work experience that is gained after completing the qualification or course that is required or that supports the occupation that aids for recognition. Candidates or applicants who need this service can apply simultaneously while applying the standard assessment. Migrant engineers should provide and submit third-party documents that act as evidence for acquiring relevant skilled employment. Here are the reports for the Relevant Employed Assessment.

Option 1

  • Reference letter that was written or sent to the official company’s letterhead of the employer.
  • Contact information such as telephone, fax, email, website, issue date, etc. should be indicated clearly.
  • It should be endorsed y the manager or direct supervisor of the HR section of the company.
  • The name and position of the person supporting should be included. CDR report Engineers Australia information should be typed or stated right below the particular person’s signature.
  • Official email address and contact information of the specific person who is endorsing should be included in the document.
  • It should consist of the official stamp of the company.
  • It should add details such as the five primary duties, job title, position, etc. of the applicant or candidate.
  • It should indicate and include the exact and accurate period of the employment such as starting date, finishing date, etc.
  • It should state whether the job was full time or part-time. The number of working hours per week should also be included.
  • Salary or pay rate should be included in the format of monthly, annually or fortnightly.

Option 2

  • A job offer letter that includes information such as the official full address of the company, letterhead of the employer, telephone, stamp, fax numbers, email addresses, official web address, etc.


  • It should consist of an annual performance review that is officially issued by the employer that should be stated on the letterhead. The most prominent thing of this yearly performance review is that it should consist of the signature of a senior officer.

Option 3

  • It should consist of a reference letter that should be endorsed by the Human Resource department or Manager or Direct Manager with a letterhead and should include the official stamp. It should consist of other details such as telephone number, fax, full website address, residential address of the company, date of the starting and finishing of the work, etc.
  • (And)
  • It should include a statutory declaration or affidavit that should be provided by a direct supervisor that caters to your duties and tasks.

What Will Be Included In CDR Report Writing Help For Engineers

  • CDR report writing should include the third party’s letterhead and signature or stamp that should consist of details such as working period, position, job responsibilities, duties, etc. of the applicant or candidate.
  • Proof for the registration process carried out on the Engineering Company that should be of Government issued as an Engineer by the Government in the country.
  • It should include receipts that are released for projects with stamps.
  • It should consist of business tax report.
  • It should comprise a contract that states the technical details and the beginning date of the projects.
  • It should include the letter of completion or certificate that was officially issued or given by the local government.