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Have you stuck with writing your telecommunications engineer career episode? Well! You have reached the right place. You will get to know every single detail about career episode preparation. While making a competency report, you need to write three career episodes along with a CPD report and a summary statement. A competency report is used to demonstrate the engineering aptitude and knowledge in the nominated occupational category for Engineers Australia. It is the gateway to get engineering work opportunities in Australia.

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Why is CDR assessment required?

Through CDR assessment, the assessor analyzes the engineering aptitude and knowledge of engineers. Based on the CDR assessment result, the assessor Engineers Australia gets to know whether the engineers are eligible for the occupation or not. A CDR showcases the competency elements of engineering candidates, and a CDR assessment is required to evaluate the competency elements of the candidates. So we can say that a CDR assessment helps in selecting suitable applicants for Australian immigration.

Types of occupational category

Engineers need to select the occupational type for applying their competencies and skills. You can choose the occupation type from the given occupational category in the MSA booklet published by EA. The mentioned occupational categories are:

  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering technologist
  • Engineering associate
  • Engineering manager

How To Write A Telecommunications Network Engineer’s Career episode?

The career episode is used to exhibit engineering skills and experiences by describing the engineering activities. Each career episode must focus on the different periods of your engineering activity and how you applied your engineering aptitude and knowledge in the selected occupation. You must write three career episodes, and each career episode should be on different engineering perspective, such that:

  • The first career episode should be on engineering knowledge and skills base and contain 1000 to 2500 words.
  • The second career episode should be on engineering application ability and should be in 1000 to 2500 words.
  • The third career episode should focus on personal and professional attributes.

Key points that you must follow to prepare a competency report

  • Before you start writing your career episodes, you must select the project that you will define in the career episodes.
  • You must write each narrative in first-person singular pronoun and active voice.
  • Write the entire episode in your own words using Australian English.
  • Number each paragraph of the career episode to refer to them in the summary statement.

Engineering project selection

To make your report efficient, you need to select the engineering project to explain the career episode. Each career episode must be on a different project. You need to select the project that you are well aware of to describe it. You can choose the project you have worked on or are currently working on. You also have another option to choose the project from the engineering education in which you have done some specific activities.

Format of career episodes

Each career episode should contain the same format that comprises four sections, and that is:

  • Introduction: It must be informative and give information about the career episode, such as the date and duration of the career episode, the name, and the venue of the place where you gained the experience.
  • Background: It must show the nature of the particular working area where you worked, the objective of the engineering project.
  • Personal engineering activity: It must show in detail the engineering activity that you have done. It should describe your role and contribution to the project focusing on how efficiently you applied your aptitude and knowledge in the selected occupation and how you solved the work given to you.
  • Summary: It should sum up your impressions of the engineering activity, highlighting your role and contribution to the project.

Duties and responsibilities of telecommunications network engineer in Australia- ANZSCO: 313212

  • Design, develop, and configure telecommunications devices, networks, and systems and ensure systems interconnect with devices from different manufacturers, service providers, and users.
  • Create and design computer networks according to the laws or standards of the state or country they operate in.
  • Set up, test, monitor, and evaluate network systems like local area networks, wide area networks, and the internet.
  • Design, install and support computer systems inside the company and different types of organizations.
  • Conduct research programs for products and recommend applicable or appropriate hardware and software tools for the same.

The annual salary of a telecommunications network engineer in Australia ANZSCO: 313212

The demand for telecommunications network engineers in Australia is increasing day by day. Australian companies look for high-skilled and experienced engineers. The average annual salary of a telecommunications network engineer in Australia stands at AU$86,176. In Australia, the wage is determined on the basis of experiences, qualifications, and skills. The yearly salary of network engineers in Australia starts from AU$45k and goes up to AU$129k.

Tips to make an EA-acceptable competency report to avoid CDR rejection

  • To write your competency report, you need to be well aware of the Engineers Australia guidelines and procedures.
  • While writing your competency report, use proper Australian English and avoid grammatical and punctuation errors.
  • Write each section of the competency report in a sequential and coherent form.
  • Do not copy any information from any sources. Keep in mind EA prohibits plagiarism and will not tolerate any duplicity. If EA finds your document copied, then your candidature may be rejected for a year.

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