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A petroleum engineer who seeks to get engineering job opportunities in Australian companies needs to create a competency demonstration report. But it is not easy for all engineering candidates to make an impressive competency report. A competency report is needed to express the engineering abilities and skills in the selected occupation for engineers Australia. It is a technical document that requires specific engineering activity information to demonstrate your competency elements. A CDR report is divided into three sections, such as a CPD, three career episodes, and a summary statement.

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Why is CDR Assessment Required From- Engineers Australia (EA)

CDR assessment is the only option to get engineering work in Australia. So the CDR assessment is very important for applicants as well as Engineers Australia. Through Engineers Australia assessment, Engineers Australia evaluates your competencies and skills in the nominated occupation. Competency demonstration report assessment helps the assessor in choosing the best candidates for Australian immigration as many applicants submit their competency reports for the migration skills assessment.

In finding the best eligible candidate for each occupation, CDR skills assessment plays a vital role. Via CDR degree assessment EA finds out whether a candidate is capable of doing the engineering work or not. That is why a CDR migration skills assessment is required for Australian immigration.

Selection of Occupation- Anzsco Code

For writing your competency report, every aspirant needs to select the occupation type in which they want to register their competency elements. Engineers Australia divides the occupation into four categories that are:

  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering technologist
  • Engineering associate
  • Engineering manager

How To Write Petroleum Engineer Career Episode Report For Engineers Australia?

It is one of the main elements of your competency report where you need to describe your petroleum engineering work activity. You have to compose three career episodes, and each career episode must focus on the distinct aspect of your engineering activity. You need to exhibit all your competency elements by describing your different engineering education and work activities. Each career episode must be on different engineering approaches, for example:

  • The first career episode writing should be on engineering knowledge and skill base.
  • The second career episode should be on engineering application ability.
  • The third career episode should be on professional and personal attributes.

Selection Of Three Engineering Projects

You need to select three projects to describe each career episode separately. Your career episode should be based on either your educational program or your engineering work experiences. You can choose the project work that you experienced or are presently working on. If you want to write on the engineering task that you have efficiently done in your bachelor of technology or master of technology, then you can select the specific task from your educational program.

Format of career episode

Each career episode must be in organized order or format:

  • Introduction: The introduction should introduce your career episode where you need to mention the date and duration of the career episode and other information such as the organization’s name and location where you gained experiences.
  • Background: It should tell about the project’s nature and objective as well as the nature of the work area.
  • Personal engineering activity: It should include the engineering activity you performed where your role must be clearly identified. It includes what you did and how you did that, any task given to you and challenges you faced, and how you solved that.
  • Summary statement: It should highlight your impressions of the engineering activity and your role in it.

Duties and Responsibilities

  • Design and develop equipment for oil and gas extraction.
  • Research and create new ways to inject water, gases, and chemicals into an oil reserve.
  • Record and update all information on all drilling activities.
  • Ensure that oil field equipment is installed, operated, and maintained properly.
  • Monitor and train technical staff and preserve materials.

Average Salary Package

Petroleum engineers who work in Australia get a hefty salary along with additional emoluments, subsidies on food, coupons, bonus pay, and so on. The average annual salary of a petroleum engineer in Australia stands at AU$121,343. The yearly pay scale for petroleum engineers in Australia is from AU$166K to AU$195k. The pay scale varies according to the experiences and standards of companies.

Key Points That Must Be Followed To Avoid CDR Report rejection

  • Remember, the assessor EA evaluates your communicational skills through your competency report, so avoid any grammatical, syntax, and punctuation mistakes and use Australian English while writing your CDR reports.
  • Before you write your competency report, you need to read the MSA booklet provided by EA to get well aware of the EA guidelines and procedures.
  • You must verify the claims you make in the report in the form of supporting evidence and documents.
  • Keep in mind that EA does not tolerate and accept any copied content in your competency report. If your document is found plagiarized, your candidature may be rejected for a year.

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