Career Episode Materials Engineer – Anzsco 233112

Do you struggle to create your materials engineer career episode? You do not need to live in a dilemma. Well! You have reached the right platform. Here you will get to know all about how to prepare an impressive career episode. As you all know, a career episode is part of a CDR, which is required to display your competencies and skills in the engineering field for Engineers Australia. Apart from the career episode, you also need to compose a CPD (continuing professional development) report and a summary statement.

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Why is CDR Assessment?

CDR assessment is essential as it helps the Engineers Australia team evaluate your engineering competencies and skills through a competency report in order to allow eligible engineers for Australian immigration. EA not only assesses your engineering competency elements but also evaluates your communicational skills. So, it is crucial for you to prepare an impactful competency report and exhibit your communication skills as efficiently as you can. You need to provide your engineering knowledge and experiences in the best possible way to increase your chances for selection. On the basis of CDR assessment, EA selects suitable candidates for Australian immigration.

Occupational field selection for CDR writing

If you want to create your competency report for Australian immigration, you need to select the occupational category you are willing to apply for. Engineers Australia distributes the engineering occupation in different categories that are;

  • Engineering associate
  • Engineering technologist
  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering manager

You need to describe your competency report in the selected occupation after choosing your engineering occupation.

How To Write A Career Episode For Materials Engineering?

The career episode is the lengthiest part of your competency report, which comprises your engineering educational details as well as your engineering work experiences. You need to write three career episodes, and each career episode should be in 1000 to 2500 words. In each career episode, you have to display your different aspects of engineering activities. It should describe your engineering activities on what you did, and how you accomplished that. It exhibits how you applied your engineering knowledge, skills, and experiences in the nominated occupation. To prepare an impressive competency report, you need to keep some points in your mind such that:

  • You must write your career episodes in your own words and the English language.
  • You must follow Australian English as there is a similarity between Australian and British English.
  • Focus on demonstrating your role and contribution, do not describe the history of your work.
  • You must describe your episode in the first-person singular number and active voice form.
  • Consider writing your career episode in an essay paragraph and numbers each paragraph of each career episode to mention them later in the summary statement.
  • Do not describe a large amount of technical material in your career episodes.

Project selection for career episode

For exhibiting your engineering knowledge in the career episode, first, you need to select the projects. You can choose the engineering project from your engineering occupation as well as the engineering educational program. You need to select the appropriate engineering project you have worked on or currently working on. You need to choose the project you can describe clearly in the career episode. It is based on your choice of what you select; you can choose projects from both academic engineering activities and engineering work experiences.

Format of Career Episodes

Each career episode you write must follow the same and required format:

  • Introduction: It introduces the reader to the career episode and should include the dates and duration of the career episode, the organization’s name where you gained the engineering experience.
  • Background: It gives the context in which you have been studying or working, including the nature and objective of the engineering project, the nature of the working atmosphere, and a chart of the organizational structure showing your position and duties.
  • Personal engineering activity: It is the central body of the narrative that shows your engineering activities. You should describe in detail the actual work performed by you. Keep in mind that it is your engineering competencies that are being assessed. You need to define the work delegated to you and how you complete that, and how you handled the technical difficulties that you faced in the project.
  • Summary: It should highlight your engineering activity and role in it. This section exhibits a view of the overall project.

Tasks And Duties Of Materials Engineer in Australia- ANZSCO: 233112

A materials engineer has to perform various tasks such that:

  • Design plants and equipment processing function;
  • Analyze reasons and factors that are responsible for product failure to develop solutions;
  • Conduct and supervise test methods on raw materials and finished goods to ensure their quality;
  • Organize and direct the testing and control of processing procedure;
  • Monitor the performance of the product and evaluate its quality and function;
  • Perform various functions such as preparing proposals and budgets, analyzing labor costs, and writing reports.

Materials Engineer’s Annual Salary

The average annual salary of a materials engineer in Australia stands at AU$76,573. The compensation that engineers get in Australia is higher than the other countries, which attracts the most for immigrating to Australia. The wages in Australia are generally determined on the basis of experiences. The yearly salary of a materials engineer in Australia ranges from AU$56K to AU$112K.

Steps To Avoid CDR Report Rejection By Engineers Australia

To avoid rejection by EA, you need to follow these key points:

  • You are recommended to read the MSA booklet published by EA to be well aware of the Engineers Australia guidelines and procedures.
  • You should write your competency report with 100% originality and accuracy as a competency report also shows your communication skills.
  • Do not copy any information from other CDR Samples. EA does not accept the plagiarized report. If your report is found copied, your report will be rejected, and you may be banned for a year.
  • Check your competency report to ensure that you have followed the EA procedures and demonstrated your competencies and skills as efficiently as you can.
  • For getting a job in Australia, you need to be fluent in English. You must submit all the required documents and the result of IELTS and PTE ACADEMIC along with your CDR.

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