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Career episode is a key assessable element of a CDR report. A competency demonstration report (CDR) is a technical engineering document used to show the knowledge, skills, and experiences in the engineering field. It is the gateway to get engineering jobs in foreign companies. Based on the efficiency of competency reports, Engineers Australia approves for skilled Australian immigration.

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How To Write An Electrical Engineer Career Episode ANZSCO: 233311?

The career episode defines your engineering skills and work experiences in the chosen occupation. Through career episodes, you must focus on describing distinct aspects of your engineering activity. It should clearly demonstrate your engineering competencies and skills and how you applied your skills and knowledge in the selected occupation. You must provide evidence of employment if you write career episodes on engineering work experiences.

It is recommended to write each career episode in about 1000 to 2500 words. You must write your career episodes using active voice form and first-person singular pronoun. Do not forget to number each career episode and each paragraph within it, for example; CE1 (Paragraph 1.1, 1.2, 1.3, and so on), CE2 (Paragraph 2.1, 2.2, 2.3, and so on), and CE3 (Paragraph 3.1, 3.2, 3.3, and so on).

Format of Writing Career Episodes

When you start writing your career episodes, you should distribute them into four sections that are:

  • Introduction (approx.100 words): It must introduce your career episodes, including dates and duration, and the name and location of organizations where you gain work experiences.
  • Background (200-500 words): It must provide the reader the context in which you have studied or worked, including the objective and nature of the engineering project, nature of the working atmosphere, and a chart of organizational structure highlighting your role.
  • Personal engineering activity (500 to 1000 words): This section must describe your actual personal engineering activities, including the tasks delegated to you and how you accomplished them, how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in completing the project, and how you solved the difficulties you encountered.
  • Summary (50-100 words): It should show your overall view of the projects and highlight your engineering activity and role in it.

Choose Appropriate Projects To Write Your Career Episodes For CDR

You need to choose three appropriate projects from either engineering education or engineering work experiences. If you do not have work experience, you can select engineering tasks that you have done in your bachelor’s and master’s. You can also choose the project from both an educational program and engineering employment. It depends on how efficiently you describe the particular project, so you should select the project you are well aware of.

Why Is CDR Assessment Important For Engineers Australia (EA)?

Through CDR assessment, the assessor assesses the competency elements of engineers in order to select the best candidates for every engineering job. An applicant needs to demonstrate all his competencies and skills in the nominated occupation effectively and efficiently to get approval for Australian immigration. In simple words, a competency report helps the assessor to know about the eligible candidates for every field.

The assessor Engineers Australia assesses your engineering abilities, knowledge, and skills in the chosen occupation as well as evaluates your communication skills through a competency report. EA, a team of authoritative bodies, works to develop the engineering field within Australia.

Engineering Occupational Category (CDR Report Anzsco Code)

To start writing your engineering report, you need to choose your occupational category among the given occupational category.

Engineers Australia divides the engineering occupation into four parts:

  1. Professional engineer,
  2. Engineering technologists,
  3. Engineering associate, and
  4. Engineering manager.

You need to describe your knowledge and experience relevant to your selected engineering occupation.

An electrical engineer’s responsibilities and duties in Australia-ANZSCO: 233311

  • An electrical engineer has to design and develop electrical products such as electrical motors and electrical equipment and appliances;
  • Supervise and enhance site electrical systems utilization by performing with site staff and external experts;
  • Organize, manage, and control resources used in the supply of electrical components, equipment and appliances, and machines;
  • Design and install control and signaling equipment for road, rail, and air traffic;
  • Develop technical specifications, drawings, standards, and regulations related to electrical power equipment.

Average annual salary composition of an electrical engineer in Australia (ANZSCO: 233311)

Electrical engineers are in great demand in Australia. Migrants’ engineers get a lot of electrical engineering job opportunities as well as get a high pay salary in Australia. The average annual salary of electrical engineers in Australia stands at AU$76,196. The salary increases as per the experience. The high experience holders get better compensation. The yearly annual salary of electrical engineers ranges from AU$56K to AU$118K.

How to make an impactful CDR report to avoid rejection?

To compose an impactful engineering document, you must read the MSA booklet published by engineers Australia. You must write your complete report in your own words and consider writing in Australian English as there are similarities between British English and Australian English. Do not copy any information from others CDR samples. Plagiarism is highly restricted by Engineers Australia. If any information in your competency report is found plagiarized, your candidature may be rejected or banned for a year. Ensure that your document is 100% original, impeccable, and plagiarism-free.

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