CDR for Australia Immigration

For getting skilled Australian immigration, engineering applicants need to write a CDR report for migration skills assessment. CDR report is a mandatory document for engineers who want to settle in Australia as an engineer. Engineers Australia assesses the skills and competencies of engineering aspirants through their competency report and after assessing the engineering documents they selects the candidates whose CDR reports are well-writen and one which fulfills the requirement of selected occupation. But to write and effective CDR report is challenging one for engineering candidates as it requires experience and knowledge of CDR report writing rules and procedures and it consumes a lot of time.

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CDR Requirements For Australian Immigration

Engineers who want to immigrate to Australia through writing a CDR report need to fulfill the eligibility criteria and submit the necessary documents. Applicants write their CDR report for different occupational category and each occupational category requires different eligibility process. The occupational categories are: professional engineer, engineering technologist, engineering associates, and engineering manager. The eligibility criteria of all four occupational categories are mentioned below:

  • Professional engineer: Engineering candidates who have working experience with four years bachelor degree in engineering are eligible to apply under this occupational category.
  • Engineering technologist: Engineering candidates who have three year bachelor of technology degree in engineering are eligible to apply under this category.
  • Engineering associate: Engineering candidates who have two years advanced diploma or associate degree can apply under this category.
  • Engineering manager: Engineering applicants who desire to apply under this category need to have two years of experience as an engineering manager as well as five years of experience as an engineering professional.

Along with CDR report applicants have to fulfill the requirements of CDR such as:

  • Recent passport sized photo
  • Prime ID ( the page of your current passport with your photo and name on it)
  • Academic degree certificates
  • Verified curriculum vitae
  • Complete and official academic transcript
  • Name change document (if applicable)
  • Evidence of employment
  • List of continuing professional development report
  • Three career episodes
  • Summary statement

 How To Write Three Career Episode Report For Australian Immigration?

Career episodes refers to your engineering education and engineering work experience. Each career episode must focus on distinct aspect of your engineering activities. The engineering activity details must focus on your competencies and abilities in the selected occupation. Your each career episode should contain 1000 to 2500 words. You need to write your career episodes in essay form and while writing it, you must number each paragraph of each career episode so that you can refer it later in the summary statement. And each career episode should contain four sections that are:

  • Introduction: An introduction part should inform about the dates and duration of the career episode. And also includes the name and geographical location of the organisation. You can write it in approx. 100 words.
  • Background: You should write this section in 200 to 500 words. It should describe the nature of the working area and engineering projects.
  • Personal engineering activity: Your personal engineering activity should be described in 500 to 1000 words. It must describe your own personal role in the particular projects  and the knowledge, skills, and experience that you have gained through handling the particular engineering work. Describe this section in the best possible way because it is the key assessable component.
  • Summary: You can complete your summary in 50 to 100 words. It shows your engineering activity, role, and your contribution to the project in short.

Summary Statement

You should make a summary statement for your entire career episodes. A summary statement demonstrates your overall analysis result of your career episodes. It cross references the competencies and skills with the particular paragraph in career episode where each competency element occurs.

CDR Format for Australian Immigration

A CDRReport is a lengthy document which should be written in 5000 to 6000 words. It comprises three essential elements that are mentioned below:

Continuing Professional Development report  (CPD)

You should write a CPD in a list format. It shows your development in the engineering field that you have done after the completion of your under graduation. Your CPD may contain the title, date, duration, and venue of the training. You can include the following details in your CPD:

  • Workshops, seminars, conferences, discussions group, technical inspection, technical meetings, and short courses that you have attended
  • Private study of books, journals, and manuals that you have done to gain more knowledge in the engineering field
  • Details of the formal post-graduation study
  • The materials that you have presented and prepared for courses, seminars, and symposium.

CDR For Australia PR (Permanent Residency)

CDR is an essential document which helps applicants in getting engineering jobs as well as permanent residence (PR) in Australia. An effective CDR ensure your success for getting migration or PR visa to Australia. If you are an engineer and desires to settle in Australia, then approval of your permanent residency  in Australia is totally depend on how you applied your skills and competencies in the nominated occupation category through a CDR report. Australia has always been a first choice for engineering aspirants who aspire to migrate to another country. Australian company offer migrant engineers a great working environment, high pay salary and other facility that makes an individual eager to work there. Your CDR for Australia comprises three important elements that are: CPD, career episode, and summary statement.

Why is Australia the No.1 Choice for Engineers Immigration?

Australia offers engineers a better quality of life, better working environment, and more job opportunities as the country has a thriving economy. In Australia, engineers are in great demand and compared to other countries they get better salary there. These qualities attract aspiring engineers for Australian immigration. But to get skilled Australian immigration is not a piece of cake for applicants. To get an Australian immigration, they have to write an effective and impressive CDR which can cater the requirements of nominated occupation and can get the attention of engineers Australia for positive skills assessment.

Australia is the favorite workplace for engineers as it provides high pay salary, better working condition, and good career growth opportunities. Due to its excellent quality of life index Australia is the second-best country in the world to live. Australia has an active and better economy which has been strengthened over the last decades. The availability of multicultural society without any racial discrimination, skilled workforce, and social harmony makes it one of the safest country. Because of the above facilities, it is the No.1 choice for engineers. So, most of the engineering aspirants want to immigrate to Australia.