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The main aim of a Competency Demonstration Report or CDR report is to showcase your English language fluency and competency skills as an engineer. A CDR writing is mandatory for every engineer who is willing to migrate to Australia to work there. This is not a single report but a collection of essential documents. A CDR report should be prepared as per the immigration requirements in the booklet set by the Engineers Australia. IELTS result should be provided along with the other documents to demonstrate your English language fluency. You should start preparing your reports only after working in at least three engineering projects. One should provide the details of the projects like; duration, place, role etc. in the Australia CDR writing.

    Your CDR report will be rejected if it not prepared according to the rules in the MSA (Migration Skills Assessment) booklet.

Points To Remember While Writing CDR Engineers Australia

Things you should be aware of before preparing a CDR report:

  • Always remember, the primary aim of a Competency Demonstration Report is to showcase your competency skills as an engineer
  • You should have excellent communication skills and your fluency in the English language should be excellent.
  • Always know what the Engineers Australia is expecting. For example; they don’t want to see the history of the goals of your company, all they need to know is the role you played in that company as an employee.
  • The writing style is prescribed in the MSA booklet, and only that is to be followed.
  • Each career episode should relate to the element mentioned in the summary statements.
  • Get the support of the writing CDR engineers Australia experts as they are trained, and they know things better.

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A  CDR writing is a complete collection of many customised documents like personal details IELTS results, your resume, Continuing Professional Development, 3 Career episodes and finally the summary statement reports.

Curriculum Vitae: This looks like a resume but a professional one.

Writing Career Episode:  A career episode should be very long just like an essay. As the Engineers do not know the requirements of the Engineers Australia, they can refer to the MSA booklet to understand the needs. Career episodes emphasise the problems you identified during the work and the solution you made to fix it. Three career episodes are required in total

Writing Career episode 1: “…” in about 1000 to 2500 words

Writing Career episode 2: “…” in about 1000 to 2500   words

Writing Career episode 3:”…” in about 1000 to 2500 words

CPD Writing (Continuing Professional Development): This report is essential as per the Migration Skilled Assessment (MSA) booklet. This is to demonstrate that an Engineer knows everything in the engineering field and is updating himself with innovations. Only A4 size sheets should be used for writing cpd.

Summary Statement Writing :  This is the essential part of your CDR writing but is considered to be the most challenging part of most of the engineers. All your engineering skills should be demonstrated in just one sheet and do not use more than one. You should mention in detail about all the instances cited in career episodes

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