CDR Assessment

Engineering aspirants need to submit a competency report to the assessor for getting engineering jobs in foreign companies. A competency report is a customized engineering document. It is mandatory to write if a candidate wants to immigrate to Australia for occupation purposes. A competency report expresses the engineering abilities and knowledge of candidates in the nominated engineering field. It is a gateway through which engineers get engineering job opportunities in a country like Australia.

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Apply Skill Assessment Engineers Australia

After making a competency report, the most important thing is how your competency report performs in the skills assessment. The assessor Engineers Australia assesses engineering aptitude and knowledge of aspirants through their competency reports. CDR Skills Assessment helps the assessor to know whether the candidates are eligible or not. So, you need to mention all the engineering skills and knowledge effectively and efficiently. CDR Assessment provides equal opportunity for all candidates to get the job on their merits. It is the fairway to grant engineering jobs to the best candidates.

 How To Get CDR Skills Assessment From Engineers Australia (EA)?

A competency demonstration makes up of three essential elements such as a CPD report, three career episodes, and a summary statement. You need to define each component separately and from a different perspective. It should comprise a minimum of 4000 words and a maximum of 8500 words. It must focus on your engineering abilities, knowledge, and experiences. It must follow the engineers Australia guidelines and procedures. The composition of the elements of a CDR is given below:

3 Career Episodes Report Writing

To make a competency report as per EA rules, you need to write three career episodes. Each career should comprise 1000 to 2500 words and must focus on the distinct aspects of engineering activities. Each career episode should describe how you applied your engineering knowledge and aptitude in the chosen occupation. You must accompany the evidence of employment if you write career episodes on your engineering work experiences. You have to select the three different and relevant projects before you start writing your career episodes. Each career episode should include the four sections that are:

  • Introduction: It should introduce the career episode and include the dates and duration of the career episode, the name, and the venue of the organization where you acquired the experiences.
  • Background: It should include the nature of the particular work area, the objective of the project, and the nature of the overall engineering project.
  • Personal Engineering Activity: It is the body of the narrative and key assessable element. It should include the engineering tasks given to you and how you accomplished that, how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills, and how you solved the technical difficulties you encountered.
  • Summary: It should highlight your engineering activity and role in it. It shows your role and contribution to the project and how the project fared in achieving goals.

Summary Statement Writing

Once you completed your career episodes, you need to analyze them. After analyzing the career episodes, you should demonstrate the analysis result in the summary statement. It should cross-reference the competency elements with the particular paragraphs in your career episodes.

Composition of a CPD (Continuing Professional Development report)

You need to create a CPD list to mention the engineering skills you have acquired to keep yourself updated in the engineering field. You need to write all that you experience after your undergraduate qualification. It should comprise the title, date, duration, and venue of the training. It should include:

  • Formal post-graduation in engineering details;
  • The seminars, workshops, short courses, discussion groups, technical meetings, and technical inspection you attended.
  • Conferences where you delivered papers or attended;
  • Presentation and preparation of material for courses, conferences, seminars, and symposia;
  • The private study of books, journals, and manuals that you did to gain more knowledge

Tips For Creating An EA Acceptable CDR Assessment Report

  • You must write the entire career episodes using first-person singular pronouns and active voice form.
  • Do not forget to number each career episode and each paragraph within it to refer to them later in the summary statement.
  • You need to be well aware of the EA guidelines and procedures. You must read the latest MSA booklet published by EA.
  • Use proper Australian English as the British and Australian English is like each other.
  • Provide relevant and appropriate information in each section in a coherent form.
  • EA completely prohibits plagiarism. Do not plagiarize from others CDR sample pdf. If EA finds your document plagiarized, they may reject your candidature.

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