CDR Report for Telecommunications Network Engineer

Telecommunications is the combination of electronics and electrical engineering that brings telephone and high-speed data service to people. Telecommunication network engineer works include network and equipment for telephones, voicemails, video, and data communications. They design and construct communication networks for data, setting up and evaluating such things as the local area network (LANs) and the wide-area network (WANs). Their work may involve setting up an internal network, such as networking between the computers in several offices within the same building or creating an international communication network using cloud infrastructure to provide many customer services in multiple locations.

A competency demonstration report is essential for an engineering professional who is planning to move to Australia. It is to present your competency skills as an Engineer. Preparing a telecommunication network Engineer in Australia on your own is a tough job as it is time-consuming and hectic. It should be error-free and should not contain any plagiarism. It should be composed according to the rules and regulations of the EA because it will be scrutinized thoroughly and will be selected if they are satisfied with it.

How To Write CDR Report For Telecommunication Network Engineer (Anzsco 263312)?

A Competency Demonstration Report is based primarily upon the undergraduate qualification and demonstrated graduated competencies.

An applicant needs to provide documentary evidence of both:-

  • The core technical engineering knowledge is supporting the nominated occupations.
  • The displayed application of that knowledge in the nominated occupation.
  • The CDR must highlight your own work.

Telecommunication network engineers (Anzsco 263312) design the communication systems of companies. They design, install, and oversee the voice, data, and video communication systems, as well as decide on the appropriate software and hardware for telecommunications. They may also be known as Computer Network Architects.

Telecommunication network engineers use network drivers and hardware such as cables, hubs, and routers in their work, upgrading hardware and software to ensure computer networks operate efficiently and safely. They install new communications equipment, perform equipment and verification tests, and troubleshoot and solve any networking problems that arise. They also research new telecommunication networking technologies for future uses for the clients and keep information security issues in mind when doing their work. They are also required to train other Telecommunication Network Engineer.

Ask An Expert Help On Sample CDR Report for Telecommunications Network Engineer

A career episode is a description of your engineering education or work experience. Each career episode nuclei upon a specific period or distinct aspect of your engineering activity, and it must focus on a different period or aspect of your engineering activity.

You may base your career episode upon:-

  • An engineering task was tackle as part of your educational degree,
  • A project you have operated on or are currently operating on;
  • A specific position that you inhabited or currently occupy
  • A particular engineering issue that you were required to solve.

The standard format of a career episode is as follows:-

Introduction section– 100 words

  • The chronology- the time and duration of each career episode.
  • The geographical location where the experience was obtained.
  • The name of the organization.
  • The title of the position you occupied.

Background Section– 200-500 words

  • The nature of the overall engineering project
  • The objectives of the project.
  • The nature of your particular work area.
  • A statement of your duties.

Personal Engineering activity– 500 to 1000 words

  • How you applied your engineering knowledge and capabilities.
  • The task delegated to you and how you went about accomplishing them;
  • Any particular technical difficulties/problems you encountered and how you solved them
  • Strategies devised by you, including any original or creative design work
  • How you worked with other team members.

Summary Statement

  • 50 to 100 words
  • your view of the overall project,
  • How the project fared in meeting the goals/ requirements
  • How your personal role contributed to the project.

Continuing Professional development Report (CPD)

CPD is basically a list together with all professional training courses you have done since your engineering degree courses. You can just create a three-column table for presenting this information, including activity, date, and hours.

It can include information such as:-

  • Any post-graduation courses you have applied or completed.
  • Private study (books, magazines, etc.)
  • Service to your engineering field (volunteer work, mentoring, etc.)
  • Conference or workshops you have attended and the research papers you have submitted.
  • Presentation materials you have written for short courses, seminars, or publications.

Average Salary Package 

The insistence for a telecommunication network engineer is expanding day by day. A medium salary for a telecommunication network engineer is 92,575 AUD$.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • A Telecommunications Network Engineer must plan, structure, assemble, and appoint media communication gadgets, systems, and frameworks. For example, voice modulation, radio transmission, broadcasting information, satellite monitors, and advanced information frameworks and ensuring broadcast communication framework that smoothly interconnects with gear from various producers, engineering companies, and other services providers.
  • They are required to compile engineering project proposals, to characterize objectives, recognize the extension, foundation, and need, and evaluate the undetermined amount of equipment, machinery parts, and other devices.
  • Telecommunication network engineers are required to assess the new products and administration from merchants.
  • They are required to ensure abidance with laws, rules, strategies, and methodologies to prepare broadcast communication outlines.
  • Telecommunication Network Engineer must pick and develop new communications locations by discovering destinations, recording reports, illustrating archives for endorsement, conscripting expansion illustration, and concluding endorsement.
  • They are required to determine proper setups of broadcast communications equipment and programming, ensuring wanted implementation of media communication hardware.
  • They are required to prepare and decipher illustrations and directions for the applications of broadcast communication hardware.
  • They are needed to determine the action of electrical circuits, transformers, circuit-breakers, transmission lines, and hardware.
  • Telecommunication network engineers monitor the broadcast communications framework to evaluate requirements for updates, overhauls, improvements, preventive upkeep, and new frameworks.


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