CDR Report for Petroleum Engineer

Competency Demonstration Report (CDR) is the skill assessment report which is presented to the Engineers Australia. For the skills evaluation of the engineers who want to get permanent residency in Australia. Engineer Australia is the government body that has the assessment authority of the CDR Report.

A CDR report includes Three Career Episode reports, A Continuing Professional Development Report, a summary statement, personal identification documents, college/ work evidence, evidence, and English language proficiency tests.

Define Petroleum Engineers:-

A petroleum engineer deals with the activities of producing hydrocarbon that is either crude oil or natural gas. They are acquainted with good job prospects as a result of projected growth in this field. It is also referred to as a study of engineering that consists of obtaining oil from progressively complicated resources. The use of petroleum starts from your household when you cook every day with refined oil, and also, we know petroleum is used as fuel for vehicles.

Petroleum Engineering (ANZSCO Code is 233612) is a challenging subject to study as per most experts. It is a combination of different educational topics such as geophysics, geology, and many others. They help in extracting oil and gas hastily from natural reservoirs. To understand the geological aspects of the land, the petroleum engineers collaborate with the geologists to realize which plot has a reservoir of oil and gas beneath it.


Different Types of Petroleum Engineers are as follows:-

  • Drilling Engineers- Their motive is to determine feasible methods of extracting oil and gas from wells, assessing numerous factors that include the cost. One also ratifies that the drilling procedure is well-organized, non-hazardous, and usually unruly to the environment.
  • Production Engineers- these engineers are responsible for taking care of the over walls after the drilling is completed. They analyze and ensure a massive amount of oil and gas production from the wells. If the wells are not fabricating as expected, the production engineers should estimate customs to enhance oil volume being hauled out.
  • Reservoir Engineers- their work evaluates the absolute quantity of oil or gas that can be recovered from reservoirs. Their mastery is to study their characteristics and to determine the maximum extraction of oil and gas from the reservoirs. They are also responsible for monitoring their operations, thereby ensuring optimal recovery of resources.

How To Write CDR Report For Petroleum Engineers (Anzsco 233612)?

A petroleum engineer decides the most productive approach to drill for and separate oil and natural gas at a specific well. They direct drilling activities and resolve any working issues. They also develop new drilling machines, instruments and find better approaches to extricate remaining oil and gas from older wells.

CDR Report is a medium through which engineers showcase their skills and talent to the Engineers Australia in order to secure immigration visas. It contains all your educational qualifications, professional leanings, and career achievements upon which your skills and competencies level are judged.


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Career Episode writing is a crucial part of the CDR report. It is where an applicant shows his/her individual skills and leadership qualities. It is written in about 500 to 1500 words with three sets of personal career activities written in three particular career episodes. In this, applicants need to deliver the storyline of the work experiences they had while working. They can also talk about work location, all types of challenges they faced while working, and how they overcome those issues, and their strategies. It is written in Fist personal singular and should not fill up with unnecessary content such as graphs, diagrams, tables.

The primary purpose of the career episode report is to highlight an individual’s skills and leadership qualities.

Each career episode report has mainly three sections, such as Introduction, Background, Personal Engineering activities, and lastly, a summary statement.

The introduction sections:- encompass information such as the company’s name, joining to resigning date, location of the company, etc.

The background section:- contains information such as your position in the company/organization; responsibilities handed over to you on-site, and cover issues you came across, and an introduction of your projects and their purposes and objectives.

Personal Engineering Activates:- In this section, the various particular engineering activities are set in such an order that shows all the specific skill of an applicant and their leadership qualities. In this section, an applicant must present a detailed orientation of their project and talk about their challenges to complete the project. The candidate’s abilities must be highlighted in this section as Engineers Australia will keenly assess this portion. It will be useful for the candidate if he will add creative strategies that he comes up with to overcome an issue, and it will build up a good impression of the candidate among the Engineers Australia assessors.

Summary Statement Petroleum Engineer

this part summarizes all your project activities as well as highlights your engineering related competencies. This is usually written in 100 to 150 words. In this, you can also mention your achievements and skills you gained while working.

CPD Engineers Australia

A CDP Report is an assessment to see the applicants’ relative knowledge in their field. Candidates can include various information to show how much they are updated after completing their Engineering degree.

  • Conference or workshops you have attended and the research papers you have submitted.
  • Presentation materials you have written for short courses, seminars, or publications.
  • Any post-graduation courses you have applied or completed.
  • Private study (books, magazines, etc.)
  • Service to your engineering field (volunteer work, mentoring, etc.)

Average Salary Package

Petroleum Engineers’ salary expectations in Australia may be positive, as Australia has seen a positive tendency to tilt in salary for the engineer’s job. The annual median wage availed by the Petroleum Engineers is 128,230 AUD$.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • Petroleum Engineers must plan and conduct research and deliver advice in engineering operations for explorations, locations, and extractions of petroleum or natural gases.
  • They are required to determine the location for drillings.
  • They are required to decide which devices are going to be used for drilling.
  • Petroleum engineers are required to present the methods of controlling the flow of oil and gas from wells.
  • They are required to prepare engineering operations and cost estimation plans.
  • They are required to record production from wells flowing in the compilation.
  • They are required to provide safety procedures and facilities to the workers.
  • They must work with geologists, geophysicists, and other engineers on the location and design and develop extractive processes.
  • Able to plan and implement strategies to protect the environment.

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