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Are you stuck with writing your career episodes? Here you will get all the information regarding making your career episodes and the competency report as well. Career episode is the lengthiest and key assessable component of the competency demonstration report. Through the entire competency report, engineering aspirants have to exhibit their competencies and skills in the selected occupation for migration skills assessment. The assessor engineers Australia analyzes your competency report in order to provide engineering jobs in Australia.

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Why is CDR Assessment Required?

CDR assessment is required to provide engineering jobs to the best eligible candidates by assessing their competency demonstration reports. You need to express your engineering competencies, skills, and experiences in the nominated occupation through a competency for Australian immigration. Every year numerous candidates submit their reports to get engineering jobs in Australia. Therefore, CDR assessment is organized to evaluate the competency report of engineers so that the best engineers can get jobs.

It is not easy for the assessor Engineers Australia the authoritative body and a team of professional engineers, to assess the competency reports of engineers. EA needs to make a fair decision by evaluating the reports to give consent and approval to suitable candidates for every occupation.

Selection of the engineering occupation

Before you start writing your engineering document, you need to choose the engineering occupation you want to apply for. You can select your engineering occupation from the following:

  • Professional engineer
  • Engineering manager
  • Engineering associate
  • Engineering technologist

By choosing your occupational engineering categories, you can demonstrate your engineering knowledge relevant to that.

How To Make Career Episodes For Structural Engineer?

Career episodes express your engineering studies and engineering work experiences in the chosen occupation. You need to prepare three career episodes apart from a CPD list and a summary statement. In each career episode, you need to describe your distinct aspects of engineering activities. It must show a specific engineering activity you have done and how you applied your engineering knowledge and skills in that particular task to complete that. Your three career episodes must be based on the following:

  • Career Episode 1: knowledge and skill base
  • Career Episode 2: Engineering application ability
  • Career Episode 3: Professional and personal attributes

Tips for writing career episodes excellently

  • You should write each narrative in a minimum of 1000 words and a maximum of 2500 words.
  • You should clearly demonstrate your role using first-person singular pronouns and active voice.
  • You must write your career episodes in your own words and in the English language.
  • You must be proficient in English so that you can write your episodes excellently by following Australian English. Keep in mind that EA also assesses your communicational skills through it.
  • It is recommended to number each paragraph of each career episode to refer to them later in the summary statement.

Project selection

You need to select three projects to demonstrate three career episodes in the nominated occupation. You have to describe different engineering activities in each career episode, and for this, you must choose the projects you have worked on or currently working on. You can also select the specific engineering tasks you have done as a part of your educational program in bachelor’s and masters.

Format of writing career episode

Each career must comprise the same format given in the MSA booklet that is:

  • Introduction: It should provide information about your career episodes, such as the date and duration of the career episode, the name of the organization, and the location where the experience was gained.
  • Background: It should describe the nature and objective of the engineering project and also include the nature of the working area.
  • Personal engineering activity: It is the main body of the narrative where you need to describe your work. You need to include the tasks given to you and how you accomplished that, the difficult situation you faced and how you solved that, and how you applied your engineering skill and knowledge in the chosen occupation.
  • Summary: In the end, you need to write a summary that includes the view of the overall project and how your role contributed to that project.

Roles and Responsibilities

  • A structural engineer has to determine the construction methods, materials, tools, and their quality standard, draft and interpret specifications, planning, drawings, construction methods, and techniques.
  • Design the structures of the buildings to ensure they do not collapse, bend, vibrate or twist in undesirable ways.
  • Prepare architectural and technical designs, drawings, and reports.
  • Design and plan the physical features of transportation systems like the railways, highways, airways, and logistics supply systems.
  • Obtain the samples of rocks and soil at various depths at the sites for testing to regulate the strength, compressibility, and other deciding factors.

Average Yearly Salary

A structural engineer gets a high pay salary in Australia compared to other countries, which attracts the engineers for Australian immigration. Structural engineers are in great demand in Australia, and the average annual salary a structural engineer gets in Australia stands at AU$73,447. The wage in Australia is determined on the basis of experiences. The higher is the experiences, the greater the salary will be. The yearly salary of structural engineers in Australia ranges from AU$58K to AU$100K.

How To Avoid CDR Report To Avoid Rejections?

To make an EA-acceptable competency report, you need to follow some steps:

  • Before you start writing your competency report, take proper research on CDR to know the purpose of writing a CDR.
  • You must know Engineers Australia guidelines and procedures or read the latest MSA booklet published on the EA website to be well aware of the EA rules.
  • You should write your report with 100% originality and accuracy. Do not plagiarize any information from other sources. If EA finds your document plagiarized, they may reject your candidature for a year.
  • Before submitting your document, ensure that the document you have written is original, plagiarism-free, and impeccable.

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