Engineers Australia Stage 1 Competencies Assessment

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For those who studied engineering degrees from the EA accredited institutions may be easy and fast. But for others like you need to satisfy the highest standards required by EA for the engineering profession.

For the past quarter of a century, EA requires high competency standards for engineers to become its members. 

How To Become A Member Of Engineers Australia?

Since becoming an EA member has many benefits to be one of the elite engineers wanted by many organizations and government departments, many want to know how to become a member of Engineers Australia.  Since you are searching for the details, you must not get an engineering degree from EA accredited institutions. Hence, it is challenging to become an EA member with a lot of writing work to establish first stage of EA competencies.

You need to write three career episode reports, each from 1500 to 2000 words, to fulfill the three competencies and their elements.

And also need to write summary reports as per your engineering roles of a

  • professional engineer,
  • engineering technologist,
  • and engineering associated.

 The summary report should identify all the Engineers Australia stage I competencies where they get addressed in the career episode reports. Hence, it would be best to take professional guidance from expert assessment services for writing the three career episodes and summary statement reports.  


Engineers Australia Stage 1 Assessment? 

To bridge the skill gap of not completing the degree in the EA accredited institutions, you need to submit the Engineers Australia Stage 1 competency assessment. Only on its successfully approving the evaluation you can become an Engineers Australia member.

Hence, many migrants and others need to write it as per the EA’s high engineering and professional standards. In addition, you need to write the assessment as per the relevant category of either professional engineer, engineering technologist and engineering associate. The assessment should establish you have a thorough understanding of the body of the three categories of engineering knowledge. Also, it should show your ability to apply this knowledge for solving problems and adjusting to challenging situations.

Also, the assessment should establish your attributes, ethics, and efficiency in a professional engineering career.

Here the step-by-step Engineers Australia Stage 1 Assessment Guide

If you want to become an EA member, you need to follow the following step-by-step Engineers Australia Stage 1 assessment guide.

  • The first step is to read the Migration Skills Assessment booklet thoroughly to know all its requirements, not to get the assessment rejected but approved fast to become a member soon.
  • Once you complete reading the booklet, choose your pathway and start collecting all the documents to show as evidence for the proof of your engineering and other skills.
  • Download the applicant user guide and write the assessment as per its many specifications
  • Open an Engineers Australia account, and if you already have one, log in to myPortal and start lodging your application.

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Writing Engineers Australia stage 1 assessment is one of the daunting tasks for even expert and experienced engineers. CDRReport.Net Showcases your skills in an orderly way is challenging, as even simple mistakes may lead to rejection so, we take care of your entire assessment. It will never take a long time to apply it back and cause a lot of waste of effort and stress. Hence the following tips will help us to project in your Engineers Australia Stage 1 competencies. 

  • We go through the MSA or Migration Skill Assessment booklet and understand its specifications as per the relevant category.
  • We support all the skills with evidence to increase the assessment credibility to get the approval to become an EA member fast
  • We write the summary statement with a helpful appendix to show all the elements of stage 1 competencies for easy reference of the approving authority.