CDR For Degree Assessment

The CDR (competency demonstration report) is the technical document that establishes your skill levels and knowledge to work as an engineer in Australia. Engineers Australia (EA) is the approving authority to verify it for being on par with the Australian standards as per the engineering category. Hence CDR Report is the milestone that you need to cross for your skilled migration to Australia.

The CDR Report should highlight all your accomplishments and engineering career progress in the best way possible. Since it runs into thousands of words, the CDR Degree Assessment, you should carefully write all of it to get approval from the EA. It could be one of your most extended writing but could be the key to unlock the Australian engineering dreams.

How Do You Get A Degree Assessed By Engineers Australia?

CDR Report Engineers Australia is a competency demonstration report written by engineers worldwide wanting to work as engineers in Australia. It is a mandatory document that they need to write for getting approval from EA to get the visa for migrating to Australia. Engineers from all other countries should write the CDR Reports to prove their engineering excellence to be on par with Australian requirements to fly to Australia.

EA expects all the personal and professional details of engineers wanting to work in Australia that includes the answer for the question how do you get a degree assessed by Engineers Australia:

  • Application with all the personal details
  • Bio-data detailing the personal and professional information
  • English proficiency certificate not older than three years from the date of application
  • Uploading scanned copies of all personal and professional certificates like birth certificates, engineering degree certificates, etc.
  • CPD or continuous professional development
  • Three career episode reports
  • Summary statement

EA is a prestigious engineering body with over 100,000 registered members. The Australian government has entrusted checking the engineering expertise and others of migrant engineers with the EA. Hence engineers Australia degree assessment checks the CDR reports strictly for the engineers to be part of the high Australian engineering education and requirements. Hence if the CDR report is not up to their standards, EA rejects the cdr report instantly. Therefore, it causes a lot of stress and loss of money, time, and effort by the experienced engineers not to try it the next time. Hence, to not lose such a valuable opportunity of working as an engineer in Australia, it is advisable to get help from the best CDR report writing services to fulfill the Australian dream without rejection.

How Can You Write A CDR For Approval From Engineers Australia Skills Assessment?

The significant writing part of the CDR is the CPD, three career episode reports, and summary. All of it is to prove the engineering skills and professional ethics and others for EA to approve it. But writing it for approval from the Engineers Australia skills assessment is easier said than done. The following are the ways to write it to avoid cdr report rejections and to get approval fast.

  • Write the CPD in A4 paper to prove that you are in the continuous engineering profession until the date of application.
  • Write the three career episode reports, each 1000 to 2,500 words explaining your individualistic engineering expertise
  • Write the summary statement to identify the details of the three career episode reports for easy reference to the EA by numbering it as 1.1, 1.2, 1.3,…. and 2.1, 2.2, 2.3….., and 3.1, 3.2, 3.3
  • For the CPD and the three career episodes, attach enough evidence for proving the engineering skills to get the approval fast.

Three Career Episodes Report Writing For Engineers Australia Degree Assessment

The most challenging part of writing the CDR For Degree Assessment is the three career episode reports. Even for the most experienced engineers, writing all their skills is an arduous task. And that too for thousands of words with no mistakes and proving with evidence is tough. Hence the following tips will help you to write the three career episode reports.

  • Carefully go through the MSA or migration skills assessment booklet several times to know the basics of writing the three reports.
  • Finalize on the occupation from the three choices of Professional Engineer, Engineering Technologist, or Engineering Associate and write according to it
  • Write the three career episodes of skills learnt or established from a different time and not the same skills.
  • Write only about the individual skills in a project or others rather than collectively of the team, which could lead to rejection.
  • Provide enough evidence for the significant skills like that of the proof of the project, working experience, program certificate, and others for fast approvals
  • Number all the paragraphs correctly to not create confusion while the EA correlates between the career episodes and the summary but facilitates easy approval.
Summary Statement For Degree Assessment:

To get the overall cross-reference of three career episodes, the summary statement will help EA for grasping your skill and knowledge. Close your summary statement with a detailed explanation of the overall CDR report ideology.

Because of the challenging nature of writing the CDR or rejections of it, many engineers are unable to work as engineers in Australia. Hence it is better to write the CDR with the help of professional CDR writers to fly fast to Australia for a prosperous engineering career.